Fabolous Lawyer Provides “Smoking Gun” That Proves Fabolous Is INNOCENT?!?!

Fabolous lawyer Alberto banks Says the video proves fabolous is innocent. According to his lawyer, Alberto Ebanks, however, the incident was “only an argument,” and isn’t substantial enough to hold up allegations of a crime.

“There certainly is no crime being committed,” he allegedly shared with TMZ. “If what you see in the video were a crime, we’d have to build more jails.”

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  1. smh, is this what happens when a straight rapper don't take diddy's advances? I got to get spooky, this whole situation is suspect to me. compared to most rappers fab is quiet. ~~peace and love lsj

  2. The video doesn't prove he's innocent. It just doesn't prove he hit her during the filming of this video. If he knocked her teeth out and/or beat her up before or after this video… that's probably what's bringing the charges… not the actual content of this video. This video shows him pissed off and making threats… but the abuse prolly took place outside the filming.

  3. Big up yaself Fabo I ank switchin on u like these simp ass Mitch niccaz writin comments dissin u hopin chiccs see it n like watt they say! Fucc that shit! U still datt nicca fam!

  4. I'm sorry but you failed to mention the court documents that state he knocked out her two front teeth! Irregardless of what the attorney is saying about the argument in the video he knocked out her teeth! I don't like to see black men going to jail but damn! He knocked out her teeth!

  5. If the prosecution don't have pics of her abuse he getting off. When he get off he should leave her. In the video she screaming and she supposedly got hit 7 times in the face. She should be in pain. It's not too this story.

  6. Where is Emily? She ain't said nothing she has notshowed no pics where she living at?like nothing but this video. NJ police dropped the ball if they didn't respond to the call when it happened….so yes something not right

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