Everything Grace VanderWaal Does In a Day | Vanity Fair

Grace VanderWaal tells us everything she does in a day while she’s on tour, from having to balance her school work and tour schedule, to her routines backstage before a show.

Grace VanderWaal’s new single “Ur So Beautiful” is available now: https://smarturl.it/graceursobeautiful. Visit https://www.gracevanderwaal.com/ for tickets to her “Ur So Beautiful” US tour.

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Everything Grace VanderWaal Does In a Day | Vanity Fair

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  1. OK, being extraordinary doesn't mean you can't also be mundane. 🙂 Thanks, Grace…..probably just about everyone in the world can do what you do everyday EXCEPT for the part when you are onstage which practically NO ONE can do.

  2. Always wonderful to hear Grace expound on pretty much anything. She's so bright and funny, and even her speaking voice is soothing. Thanks for letting her just be Grace.


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