Ethan ANNIHILATES Manspreading With Facts & Logic – H3 Podcast #128

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  1. Here's your best friend's opinion. I hope you get sponsored by Durex, so your won't jizz dump on your wife and paying YouTube users who already pay you through watching. I'm not in favor in jizz tsunamis…

  2. Ethan it has nothing to do with balls. Its center of gravity.
    And the main time it happens is on bus or subway, the movement causes men to tip over easier than woman.
    The reason your balls are squished is cause your fat.

  3. It's all or nothing with these manspreading whiners. It's a simple matter of not taking up more space than necessary, which isn't a gender thing, it's a being aware/polite thing. They mostly don't acknowledge that and lump the dudes taking up a whole bus bench to someone just normally sitting with enough room left for another. Facts are dumb though.

  4. Ethan Bradberry's "Regula" might not be just a regular black coffee. The "Regula" could be a blend of different beans. I notice this in one of his Instagram stories when he was blending his coffee. He added more beans into his grinder when was grinding a batch. He even said in the video that he was looking for "The Rawest of the Raw", which he explained that it was the mission to look for the best blend of coffee he could find.

  5. Mom Hila has so much swagger now I love it. This podcast doesn't even need guests anymore because these two goobers put on such a great show on their own!! It used to be Ethan ranting and Hila every so often trying to keep him in check or bring the podcast back on track, but now it's a balanced back and forth the whole way through and they're both smiling and having a good time. Papa bless Theodore!

  6. Women have been binding their waists and lifting breasts with metal wires for many years. This is just another way to confuse and demasculate. What if men had to wear an underwire under their balls? Ha

  7. Bullshit! Übermensch is just a word to say a superman. You can say "über" in front of everything to say it's greater than the others. Nazi used it cause it's just the German language..

  8. 1:09:26 This also brings up another interesting point, I was taught from my grandmother since a young age to cross my legs like a man, which the guy on the right is doing, shin on top of thigh. The guy in the middle bustin his sac is doing how a woman should, thigh on thigh. Although there are assholes who could cross their legs ankle on thigh, *taking up quite the space with crossed legs*, and doing this in a compact place like a subway is pretty dickish, the guy on the right does a nice formal way. Assuming that guys don't cross their legs at all on subways and stuff like that, that just sounds weird.

  9. I am so glad that Ethan and Hila talked about how to fight claims and how they fought the system legally. I really wish that other youtubers can also fight back against how these corporations are taking advantage of the system and stealing money from people. I am so sick of seeing YouTube being destroyed by these claims. These companies need to be held accountable for being unfair .


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