ERROL SPENCE WARNS AMIR KHAN “KELL CAN PUNCH”; PICKS BROOK OVER KHAN IF THEY FIGHT AT 154 was on hand at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, where multi-division former world champions Adrien Broner and Jessie Vargas fought to a 12-round majority draw. Check out the scene immediately after the fight as fans and fighters reacted to the performance.


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  1. Biggest check he can make to date even more than thurman if they do it in the UK.. Brook helped him gain a decent following in the UK so why would he turn it down.. Khan aint easy, not the best chin but if he takes u deep he'll outwork you.. Not looking good "champ"

  2. Spence would probably lose to khan IMO, Khan has endurance, speed, and heart. (But no chin). Spence hasn't got enough to stop khan, nor last 12 roads fighting toe to toe, he's fought bums pretty much all his career, his biggest fight was brook, but even then he wasn't convincing against, only really led by 2 rounds before brook pulled himself out.

  3. he's ducking khan…he's scared khan outboxes him. only change he has against khan is a puncher's chance. people saying khan has a glass chin but he only has 3 Kos losses, all by proven power punchers. You can't tell me spence punches harder or has the hand speed that Canelo has.

  4. FUCKING HILARIOUS.i have to say boxing fans are the most deluded uneducated fools to ever grace the earth. Last week 100% of people would pick spence to iron out Khan. Now that Khan gave 2 slaps to a bum, all of a sudden Khan beats spence? You guys are a joke lol

  5. Greco had 1 weeks notice to fight Spence, yet still managed to clip him a number of times, go watch the fight. Khan destroyed in shape, prepared version of Greco in 39 seconds. If Spence wants the Khan fight, then he will have to travel to the UK. Nobody cares about Spence in the US

  6. Everybody dick-riding on Spence. Just listen to em. Spence hasn't prove himself still. His biggest win was against Brook who was drained and coming off a loss.

  7. I don't like this Spence fella. He's way to cock sure of himself. Yes he's good but he's far from the best! On a good day brook will punch him into next week and tbh if Khan can avoid Spences big shots he'll box his head off.

  8. amir khan is hard fight for spence and I explain why, spence does not knock with a one punch, as canelo and danny garcia do, he is a body puncher,he go hard with body shots, and when he oponent is tired he finishes the service on top, khan moves a lot and it's fast, spence could not work so well on body shots in khan, this fight would be 50 50 for me

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