Moments ago at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, multi-division former world champions Adrien Broner and Jessie Vargas fought to a 12-round majority draw. Check out the scene immediately after the fight as fans and fighters reacted to the performance.


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  1. Gervonta easy work Charlo easy work AB we all was waitin for to make tha same delivery he coulda close tha book on this dude but didnt get tha job all tha way done u still my nigga AB but wish u would done much better good fight doe…

  2. If anybody recorded the fight watch Spence reaction at the end of the fight. He dropped his head in disappointment of Broner. I understand riding for your fellow American and all but most saw Vargas winning that fight. Broner came on late but shocked both fighters stepped off the gas in the 12th

  3. Broner will always sell more than Charlo. He is a natural entertainer and a hellava Boxer which is why he is the topic of discussion now. Look how many Charlo vs Whover the Bum he fough name was videos been uploaded compared to Broner…Numbers don't lie….Broner is a Marketing Genius

  4. So many Adrien haters around here. They got short term memory. He was the best fighter at 135 and below for the longest time… and he's still a good fighter at 140/147 but you guys are judging him as a failure because he moved up 5 weight classes into one of the top 10 most stacked division in the history of boxing and has only lost to the elites in those divisions.

  5. Vargas definitely had the first 6rds. But the man hits with the force of a passing wind lol. AB either parried them or ate the ones that connected. When AB landed it hurt. It stopped Vargas’s momentum. I figured it’d be a draw by the time it was over. But if anyone should’ve got the edge I’d a gave it to Vargas. A draw ain’t a bad decision at all tho

  6. Broner not letting his hands go enough is his downfall cause if it wasnt for his corner telling him to let his fuckin hands go! Plus no jab to set up anything when he was walking Vargas down. Broner got the draw but with the elite fighters he gets washed up for not throwing the hands enougb!

  7. Like Troy King said whether you like it or not Broner is a old skool era fighter. He is from that Ali era mentally not how he fights but the fact that he will fight anybody and has fought the bigger tougher dudes and hurt them and made the fights close when his Lil ass really suppose to be getting walked through at 147 . On top of that he still calls them out for rematches. That’s oldskool. New school fighter moving up divisions and making up injuries , not giving no trilogies. Think about how many trilogies and 2x fights there used to be . Hardly happens anymore smh.

  8. Noone wants to fight Jessie motherfuckin Vargas ya niggas is pussy asf. He wanted Kell Brook and that hie ass nigga jumped to 160. Vargas wanted any 147 dsg spence thurman and none of ya hoe ass niggas want that smoke so he chise to lose three fuckin pounds to broners catchweight specifications and he spanked his black ass now ya niggas suckin off

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