Eric Mangini makes a case why Tom Brady will be in the NFL until he’s 45 | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Eric Mangini makes a case why Tom Brady will be in the NFL until he’s 45. Hear why he thinks Brady has the longevity to play at a high level.

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Eric Mangini makes a case why Tom Brady will be in the NFL until he’s 45 | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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  1. Everyone acts like Brady is doing something unprecedented.
    Brett Frave's age 40 season: 68.4 Completion Percentage, 4,202 Yards, 33 Touchdowns, 7 Interceptions, 7.9 Yards/Attempt, 107.2 Passer Rating
    Tom Brady's Age 40 season: 66.3 Completion Percentage, 4,577 Yards, 32 Touchdowns, 8 Interceptions, 7.88 Yards/Attempt, 102.8 Passer Rating
    I am not even a Frave Fan, but he was better at age 40 than Brady. He did fall off a cliff the next year, while Brady just massively declined. I mean Brady> Frave. However, lets do something that Brady Fanboys are allergic to doing, and that is putting things into context. Brett was brutalized by bounty gate, and Brady was not. Not to mention that Frave was not dinking and dunking like Brady while being coached by Bill Bellichick, the seventh best head coach in NFL history. Also, there were even more rules to help out Brady than Brett. Brady is great, an all timer. However, he is declining rapidly, and is not doing something unprecedented.

  2. Thank you soOo much Eric- this dude ROB no eye Parker has been bashing Tom Brady like their ain’t no tomorrow- Tom Brady is human- as he ages he will make more mistakes- but when it counts the most- his numbers are there if ya looking for it- why ain’t ya paying attention to that? Lol- that’s what matters the most-

  3. eventually Rob and Max will be right,but tey should be praising Tom for what he's doing not tryna tear him down,it dont what the talking heads says they keep winning,by the time they are right they will have been wrong so many times,even already wrong so many times.


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