Ending it all

Link to Suicide Prevention Charities:

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  1. Ok! I gotta admit before this video i did not care for this argument or ksi or degi,but when i saw this video i really felt bad for ksi and im hoping y'all can figure this out,eitherway im fully on ksi's side and think that degi is fully in the wrong.

  2. Yoo i commented on Dejis video like standing up for him but i feel like a fool cause KSIs video makes so much sense but like you never know who to trust nowww

  3. KSI is just straight-forward and completely honest with himself because he’s older and more mature. Deji is just young, emotional, self-pitying and either doesn’t know how to take responsibility for his own actions or purposely avoiding reality. It’s no one’s fault. This is sad it’s made public.

  4. Fuck me glad me and my brothers were raised to sort our shit out. Their parents must feel gutted and embaressed. Fame gone to they heads

  5. KSI i have been on your side for all of this shit through everyone and i have been here since you got a mil and i am happy of how u have grown and reall dissapointed in deji but man i love u and keep moving on


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