Elliott Wilson & B.dot talk the origin of Rap Radar, “gate keepers” in Hip-Hop & more.| Drink Champs

On this week we welcome Elliot Wilson and Brian “B Dot” Miller from Rap Radar! Elliot & B.Dot share the origin story of Rap Radar. As Elliot shares stories about his days at The Source and XXL. B. Dot talks about bringing credibility back to the music, in his role as Lead Music Correspondent at MTV. We also touch on topics such as “gate keepers” in Hip-Hop, Elliot’s love for competition and the fight between Wale & B.Dot that almost happened!

We also get a gem from Rap Radar as they share the story of how their JAY Z interview came to be and much much more!

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  1. Thanks Nore for explaining the NaS interview. I forgive you my son. Just have a part 2 to make up for it. P.S. stop responding to people like ChokeNoJoke & Starbrim homie… it's not a good look.

  2. Wtf mannn not Twin! I loved seeing a homie in my age range rocking with y'all holding it down, this shit breaks my heart, I pray it's not that but break the stigma, promote help for mental health in y'all communities, everyone could use an educated outlook from someone not personally attached and has been trained to do so.. man God Bless!

  3. 13:35 I respect NORE but his reasoning for not asking Nas anything about Jay Z is TRASH… Irv vs 50 Cent is nothing like Jay vs Nas. That battle was so important for Hip-hop. It showed that battling is part of the Art and it didn't have to get violent. Plus the battle bright back Nas and resurrected his career. Also Jay and Nas peaced it up and made classic records together. Sooooo Why wouldn't you ask about it?!!!!!!

  4. Elliot is washed..:he stole that whole car test shit from Tax Stone…tax got locked up and he jumped his old ass in the front seat…

    Bdot should do his own thing he has enough “clout” to do so now…


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