EJ’s Neat-O Stat: Joel Osteen & “Ken Smith”

Lakewood Church Pastor and Rockets fan, Joel Osteen, has a message for Ernie, Shaq, Chuck, and Kenny.


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  1. people hating on Joel Osteen. this guy sacrifices everyday to teach and help millions. builds schools and hospitals all over the world. his brother quit his practice to go operate in Africa. thats sacrifice . not watching nba games and eating pizza… the hurricane was a business decision. they pay almost 50,000 a month rent for the center and last time Katrina he let people stay there for months and lost money and business .. Will you pay the rent??? love and respect someone who gives to help. Nirmit the winner

  2. Yeah Joel is soooo great. Especially when he didn’t use his facility to house people who’s homes were destroyed during Harvey. Remarkable guy!

  3. This  show  has sunk to a new  low!   Promoting or giving any air time to this BIG false teacher and crook  JOEL "TEETH"   Osteen?   isn't Ernie the one who made the speech about faith and JESUS and you think Osteen believes and teaches what the bible teaches?   To be fair they should give some air time to real preachers like Dr. James  White of Jay Smith!

  4. This is not a Bible believing pastor, I am not trying to be hateful, but there is a difference between him and an actual Christian pastor that follows the Bible and preaches because of God’s calling not $$$

  5. I have already posted this several times, but for those who keep commenting on Hurricane Harvey, here are the facts that can easily be found and checked if you'd like to do so: The city of Houston told him to wait to open the doors because they initially had enough space and resources throughout the city. Lakewood took that time to gather their own resources and volunteers (including medical staff and security), and opened when they were told. They then helped hundreds of people in their building. They even let people bring in their pets! Since then, they have rebuilt hundreds of homes for people using donated materials, donated funds, and volunteers. The media loves to drag people down, but the facts here are actually not what the media presented. People still believe the lies that were initially presented, and it's sad that so many seem to thrive on bad news, when so much good came out of this.

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