FightHype.com was on hand in England where heavyweight contenders Dillian Whyte and Lucas Browne held the final press conference leading up to their upcoming showdown. Check out what both fighters, promoters, and more had to say to the media in attendance.


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  1. the two Brown fellows will be a joke ,the fight is the worst heavtweight fight you will ever see. Parker and AJ would destroy them both. Dillon Whyte should be knocked out in the fight before round 4.

  2. A crying shame… watching the boxing federations and lames like AJ be duped by con men like Fast Eddie Hearn is crazy… True fans like me and real players like Wilder know EXACTLY what Fast Eddie is up to con the fans and media to believe EVERYTHING I say while I work my ho er, I mean my fighter AJ to get as much money as I can out of him… Hearn is using the money as bait for Wilder… Stop protecting AJ AND THE FANS THE FIGHT WE WANT TO SEE! #bombsquad

  3. Eddie Hearn is presuming that since his driving force is about financial gain, everyone else's passion and desire stems from the same pool. Nothing wrong with making as much money that is attainable, but there are times he need to sit back and try to understand that money is one of many driving force, and at times, it's not the primary driving force especially in a profession filled with violence and alpha males who can't stand to see another guy being considered the best when they sincerely believe that they are.

  4. What the fuck is he keep talking about out Dillian Whyte, it's a weist of time for Wilder get the real fight on and stop all the games Eddie, your starting to make AJ look like a sucker for your own wallet

  5. This is the main resound boxing needs Don King back, and I am glad he's coming back this dud is messing boxing up, King would have been had this fight on the way AJ can get Knocked out by Parker and the gig is up, All he talks about is money he don't NO what Wilder really got because it's not the public biss, but he's trying to keep AJs jaw safe with the love taps from Parker AJ was my man and I would do this to any champion that acts this way he's saying Keep Wilder out of the ring, Klischko got in because they already had a deal wich is the biggest bull shit I ever hured, why get in the ring if your already fighting the guy, this lie don't even sound right, fighters have always got in the ring to call out fighters ducking them, that's why it's dun, see AJ no Wilder Will have a contract on him And Will tell As Juice he can put what ever he wants on it Wilder fights for the people AJ and Wilder just want to milk there fans out of money

  6. Man shut the fuck up that whyte bitch is a punk make the joshua fight with wilder happen stop running away from wilder you know you're scared wilder will ko joshua the fuck out thats why you make all those stupid excuses!! You fucking PUSSY!!!!

  7. lmao wat a complete joke of a card ..I hope whyte gets beat so this average boxer is out game once and for all ..the white don king cons fight fans again with a poor show of hand picked fights .

  8. It’s all about payday right? Right! Damn what happened to the spirit of boxing we’re champions fight to be champions, not male as much money as possible and in the meantime give the fans shit easy fight. Whyte that Michelin logo looking dude you fought last night mmmmm nothing to really be impressed about.

  9. I'm sure Al Haymond will fuck Eddie Hearn. When Hearn will see Haymond, it will be too late. You never see Al Haymond on the media . He has much more power than Hearn. He`s the boss of bosses…Al Haymond is everywhere…

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