FightHype.com was on hand in Cardiff, Wales where undefeated IBF & WBA heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua and undefeated WBO heavyweight champion Joseph Parker will face off in their highly-anticipated unification showdown. Check out the scene as world-renowned promoter Eddie Hearn talked about the fight, future plans, and much more.


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  1. Ignorant comment by Hearn.

    MMA aint boxing.

    MMAsts dont come through from the amateur set up like Joshua did & they have a much more lethal skill set than Joshua has.

    Joshua would need a gun or a knife to kill as quickly as a MMAst can with his bare hands.

    To get the sport legalized & accepted in global culture it had to be made respectable & the wild characters drawn to it had to be kept on a short leash, there is & was no other way. It had to compete with boxing & it did, it then over took boxing & that is why Hearn is now talking shit trying to get his product back on top.

    Conor McGregor is only todays BJ Penn.

    Jon Jones is only todays Chuck Liddell.

    MMA isnt about the fighters its about the night of Highest quality combat which is again why Hearn is copying Dana Whites model by stacking his under cards now.

    As for TV deals companies are going to look at the numbers, not for one fight or one fighters numbers they are going to look at the PPV numbers over the past 100 events & when they do they will see that Boxing doesnt come anywhere near MMA neither in total viewers nor in in 1 million + buys.

    Hearns a slippery bastard but hes putting his best foot forward so ya cant fault him for that.

  2. Eddie your wrong, the ufc is not the mcgregor show, they have a stable of 400 plus fighters, and put on shows almost weekly, with some awesome talent, their tv deals are top notch, they invest in there fighters, they have reality shows for up and coming and other fighters, they have ufc sports centers being built all over the world, i think there are 4 being built in the uk. mcgregor has not fought in the ufc for almost 2 years, And the show keeps rolling on in fantastic fashion. apologies for rambling on.

  3. UFC is bigger than its ever been and it continues to grow. More talent comes through each year and the next McGregor will be found soon enough. Could already have him in Darren Till, or Sean O’Malley.

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