Eagles or Cowboys: Who had the better season opener? | First Take

Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Damien Woody debate if the Philadelphia Eagles or the Dallas Cowboys had a better Week 1 after both teams take down …

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  1. Cowboys easily had the better game. The game was over in the 3rd quarter. If the Eagles have to rely on an old DeSean Jackson to catch 2 bombs for them to come back against a bad team every week then they will be in trouble.

  2. As an Eagles fan, I think both games were pretty impressive. Take away the Redskins pointless touchdown and the score is 32-20 Eagles and 35-17 Cowboys. In other words, pretty much the same scores. I think Dallas has more weapons but I think the Eagles have a higher ceiling because I do think Wentz is better than Prescott at throwing the ball down the field. Keep in mind this was Wentz’s first time taking the field as he didn’t play at all during pre season so to play like how he played after he knocked the rust off is great for me and other Eagles fans and should be frightening to the rest of the league.

    In short, I think they both played great.

  3. Sooooooo what are the Eagles going to do when they are down 17-0 against a decent team that can actually score points in the second half unlike the Redskins? Ill say that Redskins loss is more on them completely imploding at half time because they were celebrating early for beating the Eagles. Then the Redskins came out in the second half and expected to do the same with no adjustments. Eagles are hyped because they came back from a 17 point deficit against a team currently ranked i believe 29th or 30th in the league. So essentially they barely beat a team ranked just above the dolphins and giants….good job i guess and may god have mercy when you play an actual NFL team.

  4. Giants defense doesn't look very intelligent. They looked more confused among themselves than what the Cowboys were showing them.
    You really can't say who had the better season opener.
    The season really doesn't get exciting until midway. That is when you will pretty much know who is for real and who is not.

  5. Cowboys put up 35 points against arguably the worst team in the league. The Eagles started slow sure, but put up 32 unanswered points against by all intents and purposes a pretty solid Redskins defense. The Redskins at least have a respectable offense albeit not very dynamic. The Giants have Saquon and that’s pretty much it once they’re behind it’s over, they don’t have the passing game to come back

  6. How was Case Keenum's name not mentioned once? Even in any of these comments, as far as I've seen. I'm pretty sure HE is the deciding factor in the two contests, not mentioning the fact that the eagles limped out of that game and acted as though it was a beatdown. How stupid.

  7. I also feel like if the eagles and cowboys could meet up every year in the Superbowl it be way better than seeing the cheatriots in the Superbowl every year just saying that's my opinion

  8. Damien woody been hangin with stephen a too much he said on this episode he picks the eagles to win the division but he said he picks the cowboys to win the championship.., we listen first take cast


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