Drakeo The Ruler’s Lawyer Speaks on His Case!

Drakeo’s Lawyer John Hamasaki, took the time to sit down with Adam to shine light on this unfortunate case. From acquittal to a possible long sentence, John helps us understand how the prosecution is handled.

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  1. The Goverment, Feds, Dea are just starting to build cases on all these rappers. The lyrical content to some or well id say 95% of the music, I listen to is self incriminating. I can almost guarentee you that within the next few years mad rappers are going to get cases built on them. Also they really need to stop with the 10k fits, and 50k plus chains not including all their other chains and grills. You don't think the Feds are looking at all these rappers and seeing how they dress and how much money they always have and then listen to their music. They do that and instantly are like ok ,were taking them down or at least gonna fuck with them hard. I mean look at Zilla Kami and Sos Mula they raided both their cribs at the same time thinking they were going to come up on a RPG all types of crazy weapons and stock piles of drugs and cash but didn't find shit, they found like weed and weed paraphernalia,because they based the pics on thieir IG and in the Muusic Videos which is another reason they said they had probable cause. An the feds told them that they were raided solely off of their IG .Trust me that cases of this in rappers are going to go crazy , I mean if your a hood nigga with money your gonna invest in drugs and other sell able vices. Even though your not selling them unless you want to they will get you because you payed. What a joke on the DEA, no lie they must have felt like the biggest dumb asses after those raids, because supposedly they thought guaranteed 100% for sure one of them is going to have everything at one of their apartments. All the crazy shit was just pictures they took mainly from screenshots of their music videos, like them cooking crack, dosing 1000's of blotters, videos of people actually shooting up heroin, and smoking crack, not like people they are with friends with, but like we out here and see this shit everyday its regular so why not show it. Music Videos of theirs keep being deleted on you tube because they are crazy look up 66SLAVS first but actually find a unedited version of the video, you'll probably have to go on World Star Hip Hop, actually just looked its on You Tube again it was off a few days ago. if you search the name in google. The intro was a older real film roll playing a video showing what happens when you commit suicide with a shotgun and says "The destructive effect can be tremendous this is a suicidal contact wound where the muzzle of a shotgun was placed in the mouth" Then actually shows the girls well what was left of her head and they have a little girl who is possessed get the tape and put it in a VHS player lmao. It was fucked up but their shit is just real, crazy original, and fire, I mean Zilla did all of 6ix9ine's bitch ass, ghostwriting until he got big enough then fucked Zilla and his blood bro over being bogus ass 6ix9ine as always, and took all the credit. They even have video and i think other songs together in their early days. You can easily tell 6ix9ine was having Zilla write all his lyrics, and tell him how to use them, because Zilla is one talented fucking musician and i'm not talking just rapping, he sings, he can do any thing that he feel like doing and doesn't give up, watch Zilla Kami and Sos Mula No Jumper / Adam22 interview of them,you will really like them after that especially if you watch their music videos first. Then you will be super intrigued to watch the interview it is like 45 minutes but worth it, it;s the only real interview they have too. Also look up the videos for 33rd Blakk glass, Sinners 13, Nitro Cell, Caligula, Lamborghini Getaway (one of the my favorites the flow is sick, the story is sick, and the video is genius), Dawg , Sk8 Head which was their first music video then Shinners 13, then 33rd Blakk Glass, then Nitro Cell or Lamborghini Getaway, they were released about the same time both videos are sick as fuck, you get addicted to their videos, and music, and just want to learn more about them. They keep getting better every time and crazier as well in every aspect shape and form they are catching on fast and already purposely leaked their 2nd album, because they made a better one. There is no style of music videos or even music really like theirs. Especially if you are into that darker shit like me, not like just violence or horror core just some hard core shit I don't know what you would call their music, its like trap metal or something. I always loved Trap Music and liked some heavy metal growing up so to me i find them perfect. They have songs that are all different styles too they don't stick to one.They are similar in a way but not at all to old school Triple 6 Mafia Chapter 2 World Domination and any thing before from 1990-1997. LOOK UP ZILLA KAMI AND SOS MULA IF YOU HAVE NOT YOU WONT BE DISSAPOINTED< IF CHICAGO DRILL IS MORE YOUR THING LISTEN TO THE NEXT ONE UP IN CHIRAQ IF HE MAKES IT ALIVE Rooga – Back Da Fuck up tape and Rooga – I Am Scrapp, no one will be disappointed in his work, he's fire. Also has good ones not on tapes just videos for Member's, Hooligans, Rooga (you'll find out why they call him Rooga) I think hes the best next up and coming rapper for sure if he doesn't get whacked out here, god bless this mans soul him and FBG DUCK. Duck get the fuck out of Chicago, you even said in Vlad interview making one wrong move or being where our not suppose to be its the end. No 2nd questions asked he is just to real hes a live by the streets die b the streets kind of guy. I mean his own girl tried stabbing him to death even, though he admitted he slapped the shit out of her lol. He was fucked up bad in the ICU for like 2 weeks his intestines and all his poop stuff was all cut open not fun. An the whole recovery took even longer what was worse is the day before he got shot in the leg 2 or 3 times leaving her house lmao, he's like shes not my ex shes just a bitch.


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