Drake Deserve More Credit For Breaking Artists? XXXTentacion ‘SAD!’ Video | Everyday Struggle

On today’s #EverydayStruggle, DJ Akademiks, Wayno and Nadeska discuss whether or not we give Drake enough props for introducing new artists, Cardi B becoming the 1st Female Hip-Hop artist with 2 songs at #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 , and XXXTentacion’s “SAD!” video reaction. Wayno goes off on how the youth shouldn’t want to die.

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  1. How is Wayno going to say what do these kids have to be sad about….and the first thing he said is they are rich…

    What makes gen Z so depressed is that their all functioning addicts who live in between the real world and the digital world and their juiced up on pills and GMOs all while realizing to quickly that the generations before them ignored a lot of problems for way to long. You can’t break the world and then get confused when the people who have to take care of it and live here aren’t pleased.

  2. Drake is a surfer. He rides the wave of an artist when it begins to form and sometimes when it's big enough for both of them. He shows them to his audience, but then they expect everything they do to be like the song with Drake. It's a gift and a curse. If Drake wants to hop on a song, better make sure he doesn't share the same sound. Let be clear, most of Drake's audience is females, so if you work with Drake and you don't care about the female demographic, you would clearly be doing it for the charts/radio plays/streams/etc.

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