Dr. Phil Reacts To Lilly Singh Hate Comments

If you ever need someone to call out your haters, Dr. Phil is the best person for the job! 🤣
Did you see Dr. Phil Explain Why I’m Single?!https://youtube.com/watch?v=rtquT7IEqg8
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  1. Please don't take the hate comments seriously Lilly. You are amazingly a wonderful human being. Keep spreading the positivity like you always do❤️ All mad love and support for you.

  2. Being honest and criticizing your show doesn’t mean it’s hate comments. I speak in relation to your tweets regarding this and see it as “hate”. I think you’re a really likable person, I think you’re relatable and I love that. But your late night show is just not funny. It’s cringe. It’s a shame cause you’re seem like an awesome person. But you shove the same “joke” statement over down our throats because it’s progressive. I wish you stuck to just straight relatable lines that are SINCERE. If anything this is constructive criticism. You’re not the only person who is a minority who has had their own show too.


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