Donald Trump Would Never Boycott Anything… Right???

Donald Trump emerges victorious in his battle against the British Ambassador to the US, lashes out against ‘Radical Left Democrats’ for boycotting Home Depot, and one of his resorts holds a charity golf tournament hosted by a local strip club.

Donald Glover on Beyoncé, The Lion King & Childish Gambino

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Donald Trump Would Never Boycott Anything… Right???

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  1. Come on Americans we can do better than this, we need overall healthcare and not to just focus on anyone organ, what about breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer overall general health, I know what about Obamacare so when you are out of work you still get health coverage, that will work and if we can improve on Obamacare like single payer system, wonderful but definitely not this orange retard imbecilic trump way of doing healthcare.

  2. trump is trying to distract us from his days living life up with underage young girls with Epstein…

    I love how Fox News is spinning this and focusing on Bill
    Clinton lol. Ignoring that Acosta let this child predator off years ago and got
    promoted for it. By Trump. Just a matter of time until Epstein throws Trump
    under the bus in order to get a reduced sentence. I am convinced he’s got
    enough dirt on Trump since the two were great friends once. Why did Trump the
    swamp creature hire Acosta?   Did Trump
    not know he was a swamp creature? They're going to have to fumigate the white
    house when this is all over. Trump is a sexual predator himself so I am not
    surprised that he thinks Acosta is a great guy who is doing a good job. What's
    a few rapes when the economy is doing so well?  The economy is the only thing that matters,

  3. If Trump spent a third of the time doing government business as he does gossiping and throwing Tantrums on Twitter, maybe he would learn something about the Constitution and our country!

  4. He gets handed the speach,looks at it,doesn't comprehend.the writer leaves the room, Trump crumples the papers an calls him/her an idiot ,(2 min into speech) says "the kidney is part of the heart" ……..

  5. I must now go watch 'Desperate Cheetoh' again since you brought it up. "You're the color of the sign outside the store they call Home Depot, your spray tan looks so muy cheapo" lol!

  6. Didn't everybody on the right call for a boycott of Nike TWICE (once after they gave Kap an endorsement deal and then after Nike pulled the Betsy Ross Air Max)? I don't remember Trumo defending Nike. Oh, that's right! He doesn't like Nike, so they're fair game. Hypocrite!

  7. Trump helps people on dialysis which has been a big problem and the left makes fun of him… more reasons why everyone laughing is wrong. and why he will be reelected by the majority of Americans includeing all the Republicans who didn't vote for him the first time. and the moderate democrat's who are loseing there party to socialism.

  8. The boycott part reminded me yet again that I'm baffled as to how some folks STILL believe every word this clown utters should be taken as the gospel truth. Forget the issue and disregard any ideology, and one could still roll up an entire special of all the times he's directly contradicted himself. The current POTUS has lost all credibility to any person that believes at least a minimum level of honesty is a prerequisite for the office.

  9. As long as they keep funding NASA, who cares what they call it. They have gutted every science department in the government because they make the decisions but NASA is independent in the day to day operations. NASA may be the only place left to employee scientists when Trump is through with destroying our government.


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