Donald Trump Made a Movie for Kim Jong Un

After the summit with Kim Jong Un, Trump held a press conference at which he described what might be the strangest thing a sitting U.S. President has ever done with a fellow world leader. He said he showed Kim Jong Un a little movie he had made all about the two of them. The video is quite a production. They released it today and it looks like a Scientology recruitment video from the 90’s.

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Donald Trump Made a Movie for Kim Jong Un


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  1. The original was hilarious enough, but this is a whole new level. This is like turning a faucet on and off repeatedly… funny… stark reminder of human atrocities… funny… stark reminder of human atrocities…

    Trump's joke about the cassette was good as well. Gotta give him that.

  2. there's a shitload of stalinist Kim Jong fans here
    takes a special sort of fascist scumbag to support a mass-murdering stalinist tyrant

    meanwhile Noko's secretly continuing its nuke research

  3. No matter how much good President Trump does for the country the Dems will never give him credit.. They've been so conditioned to hate him that he will never do any good in their eyes.. They would rather live in fantasy thinking he's doing terrible than living in reality and realizing he's doing a great job.. It's insanity

  4. I don’t get it? Why d democrats in d US don’t want ths? All leaders of asian countries are happy wth what happened… we want peace peace in asia… japan and china is getting along now, sout korea and north korea are talking now… what is it that democrats doesn’t want asian countries to get along????

  5. The real version of this video is actually the best deal ive seen in trump as a foreigner. Shows he deals like a real business man. People should never underestimate North Korea's nuclear and destructive capabilities, its what they are investing into and mastering since 1950s. Trump may be thinking of negotiating the use of kims military resources into something else, like perhaps wipe mexico in a world map (just kidding) as I see from abroad how he hated mexicans. Trump could also use north korea's manpower labor for cheap to build the mexico us border wall.

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