Does Tom Brady deserve to be ranked No. 1 on the 50 best NFL players for 2018? | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith, Will Cain and Max Kellerman debate whether Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady should be ranked No. 1 on the list of the 50 best NFL players for 2018.

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  1. Tom Brady makes Max sound stupid. Tom Brady is the goat, and the best player entering into the 2018 season and every season after 2018- until he shows otherwise.

    Aaron Rodgers is an unreal talent, he is definitely up there with the best of all time. However, Brady is all the way up. The man is a dogged competitor and I think if we could compare the entire breadth of the two player's career, we would see that Brady just outworked Rodgers.

    Do you want the 'talented' guy as your qb? Or the guy who dedicates his entire existence to being the greatest?

  2. Max hit the nail on the head when it comes to Brady and the Pats. Im a big Jets fan and even im admitting that the Pats have the easiest road to the playoffs every year compared to any other team in the NFL. My Jets, Bills, and Dolphins have been absolutely pathetic. Anyone who doesnt agree with this statement are just ignorant.

  3. I don’t have a so called PhD but damn if you win with the so called greatest ever and don’t miss a beat how in the world can you consider him the greatest look at Indiana when Peyton went out green bay without Rogers other teams who lost they starter Oakland team without Carr cmon but hey it’s just an opinion

  4. Brady> Montana success wise
    Rodgers> Marino talent wise

    Q: Who is still remembered today bc of their historical success?
    A: Montana

    Q: Who will be remembered 10 years from now bc of their historical success
    A: Brady

    Bottom line: Ppl will ALWAYS ONLY care about accomplishments not talent.. bc a person's talent fades away with time but their success stick with a them forever. Wise words from Nelly:
    "I am #1 because 2 is not the winner and 3 nobody remembers"

  5. I never heard anyone say anything close to " I'd rather face Brady then anyone……." ever! Max is on crack. Aaron 8 straight playoff appearance, 0 times in the Superbowl, they just let that slide. Hehehe.

  6. Brady has the better team and is more accomplished but Aaron Rodgers is the more talented quarterback and would have just as many Super Bowl rings if not more if he played for the patriots

  7. I don’t mind if it’s Brady or Rodgers first, they are both superb, I enjoy seeing the ageless Brady any day, but my gawd Aaron Rodgers is damn magician, he’s a genie, a Houdini in the pocket with a cannon of an arm and pin point accuracy levels at an all time high. He’s a badddd Mann for a reason.

  8. Brady deserves it, but I think Aaron Rodgers is the better QB, Rodgers is in an unfortunate situation, and I strongly believe if he had a great supporting cast he'd have more success

  9. Last year for sure New England defence suck really bad and Brady carry that team all the way to super bowl put up most yards ever passing in a Super Bowl ever … rogger has yet to prove he can carry his team to a Super Bowl without a defence and the one time ever made it to super bowl he had top rank defence

  10. Tom Brady deserve to be #1 NFL player in 2018.he put in 500 yards vs eagles in SB, Patriots defensive players was confused, overmatched and dominanted by physical eagles offensive lineman

  11. Max Brady plays in the weakest division in football. Really?lol The afc teams have had better records than some of the other divisions the last 3 years or so. The afc west has been mediocre and by the way there is really like only a couple of teams Brady has struggled against in his entire football career, and one of them is the broncos, giants and ravens. Outside of those teams, he's owned every other team. Lebron James however plays in the weakest conference and generally loses to handful of teams outside his conference. Rodgers is a special athlete, Brady is simply a winner. Has always been even in his days at Michigan, where the moniker the comeback kid came from. So caught up on how one guys throws the football he fails to see what makes a quarterback great. Bill has a lot to do with the patriots success sure, but if Brady don't lead by example, then that system ain't shit. Because Brady is not only the one executing the plays in real time, but he is also micro managing/dissecting each play/scenario/defensive scheme. When I think of that, the patriots really have 5 couches out there. Daniels, bill, the defense coach, special teams coach and Brady. It's not fair.

  12. Max is such a hypocrite, before 2016 when he was hyping up cam newton, he was all like HE WAS RATED #1 BY HIS PEERS so he is a tier 1 qb. Fast forward to 2018, he says if Tom brady wins the #1 overall ranking again, it should be Rodgers, ask any player, MAX THE PLAYERS ARE THE ONES VOTING IDIOT. lmfao, this dude is probably the slowest smart dude I’ve ever seen. And Max multiple former and current players on various sports networks say brady is better, the whole damm panel on nfl network, Demarcus Ware, Reggie Bush, and deangelo Williams literally said brady easily, only James jones said Rodgers lmfao.

  13. The hypothetical argument is stupid, brady has 5 rings, so people are like if Rodgers was on that team he’d win 6-7, and then if brady ends his career with 7-8 rings, people would be like Rodgers would have 10. You can’t keep moving the goalpost lmfao, at some point you’ve gotta give some credit to brady.

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