FightHype.com was on hand at the O2 Arena in England where heavyweight contender Dillian Whyte scored a devastating 6th round knockout of Lucas Browne. Check out the scene immediately after the fight as Whyte reacted to his performance.


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  1. This isn't about AJ, Whyte is his own fighter and wants his deserved crack at the WBC champion. He doesn't even like AJ. Wilder fans need to stop using AJ as an excuse to justify Wilder running from Whyte calling him out. Take AJ out the equation, Whyte wants the fight And is making Wilder look weak, time to give him his shot.

  2. Hearn is trying to build the AJ/Wilder fight so Wilder can actually earn his share of the purse. Nobody outside boxing has heard of Wilder and as a result, he brings about 10% of the audience whilst trying to claim 50% of the purse. AJ could earn more fighting Whyte and taking 80:20. Wilder needs to do less retarded reality shows and get some real attention.

  3. WHYTE Vs WILDER is the fight that would have happened if Wilder had not DUCKED Whyte and set up a fight with Old Man Ortiz. Wilder will be trying his hardest now to get a rematch with Old Man Ortiz so he can DUCK Whyte AGAIN… Let Wilder come and fight Whyte in The Home of Heavyweight Boxing The UK, in front of 70,000 fans on PPV for the Biggest Payday he's ever had… NO EXCUSES

  4. grasshopper you have passed the first series of tests. now you must snatch the pebble from the hand of King Kong. then you may move on to Deontay Wilder. King Kong will be your final test, be brave grasshopper

  5. Dillian Whyte. Stop being Anne Belle Joshua's Black, British, Bitch Boy. How are You Calling Out Wilder, when Joshua is supposed to be your Next Fight. Grow some Nuts and Stop being somebody else FLUNKY.

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