Did Eminem Bury MGK with ‘Killshot’ Diss? 6LACK Album Review | Everyday Struggle

On the Monday, September 17 episode of #EverydayStruggle DJ Akademiks, Nadeska and Wayno spend some time dissecting Eminem’s new Machine Gun Kelly diss track ‘Killshot.’ On the track Shady goes in for 4 minutes, reminding MGK that he’s the GOAT — but did it really hit? The crew also discuses Swizz Beatz and Lil Wayne’s new collaboration on ‘Pistol on My Side,’ and anticipation for ‘Tha Carter V.’ Plus Adam22 says Russ sent security guards to fight him at the nail salon, and Meek Mill joins Drake on stage in Philadelphia.

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  1. the fact that these two clowns think rap devil was better just goes to show how where we stand today… it don't matter if you have actual skills or actually smart, all you have to do now a days is repeat guchy gang and say ba ba ba in every song and you'll be seen as the next big thing… not to say rap devil was bad, but it was repetitive, old age jokes (repeatedly), and 3rd grade insults… eminem had complex ryhme schemes, sounded like a coherent and educated man… and every diss was different, new, and spoken like a true lyricist… how can anyone possibly say rap devil was better in terms of substance? man what happened to rap? used to be authentic.

  2. These 2 are clowns! & haters …some say now days u gotta reply with diss track within 24 hours & Em took longer & this dumb bitch wayno saying it was too soon smh…& ak is a hatin bitch too, he’s too dumb to comprehend the swayze reference & Colson from killshot movie etc…so their critique is bogus!

  3. Eminem has been a hater to every other white rap…He black balled MGK 6yrs ago. He thought by now MGK would have been gone, when he found out P diddy had MGK making money, he decided 6yrs was enough time to take shot at MGK… The nigga is nothing but cock blocking MK ULTRA hater.. Rap Devil > Killshot #Facts

  4. "he didnt do his homework" "his best diss song is against nick cannon" have you done your homework? or thats the only em diss song he heard of? what a clown..

  5. These dudes say Eminem didn't say much. He should've done his homework. What in the FUCK do you want him to say about MGK? Nobody knows anything about MGK. Hence, what is the best Em could've done? Just ricochet his bars with better rhymes and wordplay.
    And that' s what he did.

  6. Actually if u really listened to his songs u would realize that he is name dropping to people that he doesn’t like, just like ppl talked shit about him, and it’s stupid to say that Eminem is wack for doing that, especially when he is saying his opinion just like Everyone else is saying their opinion towards him

  7. And then the fat ass dude be like man Eminem Eminem is wrong for doing what he does (even though that’s what Eminem is so damn famous for) like honestly stfu and talk when you are at Eminem’s level

  8. Look at the state this over wight hater. I had no idea who he was until a few minutes ago. Hide your racism better. I don't know any of these people. Who the fuck are they that they think they can have an opinion about anything. look at how they talk to each other. Why don't you just wear some Pyjama's and push the record button. Can't believe I was going to listen something interesting.


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