DEMETRIUS ANDRADE TO SIGN WITH MATCHROOM – EDDIE HEARN CONFIRMS 10 NEW SIGNINGS FOR DAZN; IS HE ONE? was recently invited to the Matchroom Boxing USA offices in New York, New York to speak to world-renowned promoter Eddie Hearn about the failed negotiations for a heavyweight unification showdown between champions Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder. You don’t want to miss what he had to say. Check it out!


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  1. You black American fans are racist to your own people. This dude hasnt been promoted right his whole career and never reached his potential. Finally he’s going against the grain and making a leap of faith (which will do him good, however much you think he’ll get ‘milked’) to a promoter who will really help him and all you can say is he’s a ‘coon’? You man are ridiculous.

  2. real smart move. im tired of bias idiots begging andrade to sign with haymon. like WTF?? literally every 160 pounder besides charlo is over on the other side. with eddie andrade can get mandated for BJS, then the option of a Jacobs unification, THEN unify all belts with GGG or canelo…with haymon all he gets is a charlo WBC interim shot lol

  3. Andrade is a Good solid Middleweight…His only problem..too much inactivity…But he can beat any of the so called Top Middleweights…A definite THREAT….

  4. They're gonna see. You guys wait 5 years and see what he achieves in your country. He changed the game over here and he'll do it there too. He'll get right into the nitty gritty directly with the fans and Americans on social media and he will just build and build. The production values will be off the charts eventually and he'll be filling the biggest stadiums with boxing crowds. Matchroom know how to do it and do it well.

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