Daylyt on Being the Biggest Troll: “I Could Make The Other Trolls Irrelevant” (Part 8)

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Part 1:
Daylyt spoke to VladTV about being the original troll in hip-hop and how he thinks everyone is trolling online now after criticizing him for it years ago. Daylyt added that he could make all the trolls obsolete with one music video, and he believes that none of them are bigger trolls than him. 

During the conversation, Daylyt spoke about being proud fellow Grape Street entertainer 03 Greedo, who came up in the rap world after being homeless. To hear more, hit the above clip.


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  1. Day is an overrated troll,he confuses "troll" with being a fool or jester. Trolls for the most part are anonymous and don't care to entertain,it's not about comedy,it's about getting you to waste your time no matter what. Trolls fuck with YOU,not make a mockery of themselves.

  2. I feel so sorry for any women out there in a relationship with somebody and everything is going cool. Then one day her man suddenly comes home with tattoos all over his fucking face. Like wtf do these women do at that point? Lol

  3. He maybe a troll but he is right about wackademics, only reason why wackademics is accepting 69 is because he making money off it. And tbh 69 isnt even a good troll, he is just a try hard, kanye, 50 cent and this guy are really trolls. They are actually funny

  4. He takes so much pride in being the biggest troll that this is actually the first time he seems to be serious and not trolling LOL. What he’s says in the beginning is true though

  5. "Trolling" is just a euphamism for people who are hoe-ing themselves, making themselves look stupid, even selling themselves out just because they're starving for attention.

  6. Good trolls don't admit that they're trolls. It's why 69 is becoming irrelevant because he is constantly admitting he's trolling. Trolling is an artform where only a select few know they're trolling, without them blatantly admitting it.

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