Daylyt: Eminem’s Album was Trash Because He was Sober (Part 9)

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Part 1:
In this clip, Daylyt talked about his appreciation for Eminem’s more mature content. Daylyt said that his heart wants to hear all the rape, murder, and drug use that marked Eminem’s early work but said as he matures he understands the value of the things Em is discussing in his music today. Daylyt and Vlad then went on to discuss beat picking and compared the beat selection of Nas and Eminem who are considered two of the worst by many.


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  1. Royce is better than Eminem . At Eminem height they were equal .At Eminem height he may have been more creative than Royce which made Em a better artist at the time . Now hands down Royce is a way better artist .

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