Danica Patrick reflects on racing career before final Indy 500 without ‘any regrets’

Danica Patrick is gearing up for her last ride. The 37-year-old race car driver’s time behind the wheel will end after Sunday’s Indy 500.


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  1. Retiring? About damn time!! Most useless driver in NASCAR ever. Mediocre in Indycar with one fluke dumb luck win due to FUEL MILEAGE. She sucks ass and should never return to racing. Call me a “Danica Truther” all you want but don’t call me a hater bc the real haters are the Danica Patrick’s fans who call anyone (bleep) just because of their point of view.

  2. Worst female driver ever. Bitched moaned and complained. Got preferential treat in nascar. Set women race car drivers back by 30 yrs. not a positive role model for jump starting females into the sport.

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