Could Sacha Baron Cohen Get Locked Up for Tricking Sarah Palin? | Behind the Bar

Sacha Baron Cohen is up to his old tricks again for a new show. But did he finally go too far by impersonating a military veteran to humiliate Sarah Palin? All this – and a huge oversight on our best fictional lawyers list – on this week’s episode.


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  1. It was comedy and Sarah, the Fox news lying veteran, is fair game. Sarah is a public figure. When you step out of private life you are fair game. The first amendment applies.

  2. You two stooges are going off one side of the story. The loudmouth mentally deranged Palin's side. You're taking her word for it? You're believing every word she says? Do you honestly think she's a reliable and trustworthy source of information? Think again you two door knobs. Cohen and Showtime have an army of lawyers working with them that probably have more sense in one of their left nuts, than you two chimps have combined. You think Cohen is just out recklessly doing juvenile YouTube pranks? These are well thoughtout and methodical comedic bits that are scrutinized by legal experts. Do you think Showtime and their lawyers haven't ever heard of the "Stolen Valor Act"? You two bozos aren't the only one's who can Google it. You haven't heard Showtime's account of events, you haven't heard Sacha's side of the story, you haven't even seen the interview. You're both just literally going off of the angry ramblings Tweeted by a complete imbecile. How about you get the actual facts before you look like a couple of jackass's just assuming shit. Saying things like he "almost certainly is wearing a metal". You haven't even seen the footage you stupid fuckin idiot!

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