Coach Tyronn Lue | ECF Game 2 Press Conference

“Going back home, we know we’ll play better.”

Coach Lue takes the podium after the Cavs 94 – 107 defeat in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals.


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  1. It’s like idk I’m just disappointed that ty lue has been so trash in my opinion in game adjusting he can’t think on the fly idk what Cleveland needs to do but game 3 is a must win

  2. I always confused with Ty Lue. He rarely make adjustments in the game. Even last year's final, he played the same play calls and also the same rotation for 3 straight game.

    Any team will be doomed if they got confused coach. No matter how many stars they have. Just look at Steve Clifford's coaching reign. Lue just got lucky

  3. you got outcoached by brad stevens, you cant rely on lebron, make adjustments on game 3 or quit your job… seems like you have no heart and desire since you already won a ring…

  4. Not much you can do when team chemistry is thrown off through injuries during the season, which made them "too predictable," as Lue said, forcing him to start making moves along the way. Without those injuries you would not be predictable. Coach Lue's handy work got them this far.

    Dwayne Casey is coach of the year, Tyronn Lue is the better coach. It's that simple.

  5. Look at the scoring stats of the game. The celtics nearly have a even spread between every player that had minutes. Cavs are toast unless lebrons carrying the load, and even then tonight it made no difference without others stepping up to the plate.

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