Coach Steve Kerr | WCF Game 2 Press Conference

“They were desperate tonight and they played like it. We didn’t.”

Steve Kerr discusses the Warriors Game 2 loss on the road to the Rockets.


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  1. Curry couldn't come back. I didn't want to see Curry. Maybe there will be two games in a season, but Curry won't be able to come back. After the Durant came, the Warriors have played traditional basketball. Curry and Thompson's infinite three-point is no longer the first choice for the team to face difficulties. The changes in the tactical core of the coaches have a huge impact on the Warriors role players. When they face the choice, they will not give Curry and Thompson on the three-point line. Instead, they will dunk Durant instead. Thompson also played a counter-productive role. They were the kind of players who couldn't enter the first ten shots and then scored ten goals. But now, if you miss the first four games, you may lose your right to play, but now you There are probably only a few more shots left. This system is huge for Durant. Once the Warriors couldn't get back, maybe we couldn't see the kind of performances of the previous seasons, and Curry would no longer magically compete for the league's first place. After all, his magical coaches wouldn't play his best ability. Wharton's Curry is the strongest Curry….. Now think about the loss of championships for various reasons in 16 ,and the series of reactions that result from this is really a pity.

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