Chris D'Elia – H3 Podcast #126

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  1. Could you please edit these freakin videos if they’re pre recorded, (or do better prep).?!? The amount of time you’re fiddling around is super annoying. I bet you could shave 20 min off. Thanks!

  2. I love the podcast but i don't understad why ethan blocks 90% of the podcast with cringy videos without even doing a funny rewiew or adding something just filling time while will clearly be better if he just talks with the guest

  3. The whole tik tok bit was kind of annoying. The humor was tainted by the sound aggravation. YouTube really has to get there shit together. It makes segments like these almost impossible to do.

  4. Every time I watch an episode now it just seems to divulge into Ethan ranting about rich people. I understand this is your show where you broadcast your opinions and such but I would appreciate it if you could stop, I don't think it's justified to keep on needlessly slamming people you dislike, it just comes across as really negative, unfair, distasteful and kind of mean spirited given you don't know these people, and it's quite hypocritical considering you're a successful businessman yourself. Just letting you know to perhaps take it easy and be less hateful guys, I really enjoy watching you both for funny, uplifting, honest content and I don't mind you poking fun at people where it's justified, I just don't like this more pessimistic, harsh, unpleasant attitude that comes up more often. Aside from that I hope the best for you guys and I wish you the most with your new family, papa bless.


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