Chris Broussard’s 3 reasons the Celtics should be concerned about Kyrie Irving | NBA | UNDISPUTED

In his discussion on Kyrie Irving’s future in Boston, Chris Broussard lists 3 reasons why the Celtics should be concerned.

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Chris Broussard’s 3 reasons the Celtics should be concerned about Kyrie Irving | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


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  1. Kyrie can't be traded Boston just got to pray he stays ain't nobody trading assets for him with this kind of news he wants to play for the knicks unless Trae young still on the board than trade him to New york.

  2. yall don't understand… lebron took players who shoot 0-5 and 1-6 to the finals nearly all of them with some games 1 or 2 played well, SORRY if lebron stays in the east NO ONE IS COMING OUT BUT HIS TEAM, if he did that with weak players i promise you his next move will be CALCULATED to the T, he ain't losing watch lol hes going to people who will be 5-7 and 12-18

  3. All these LeBron/Cavs journalist just want to turn the Celtics into a drama filled team with all this nonsense, Kyrie clearly said he’s blessed to have open dialogue with management and ownership.

  4. How in god’s name does Rob Parker have a job? It’s like someone took their crazy uncle out of the barbershop, put him in a suit and then let him go on their air. Just horrible.

  5. Kyrie leaves Boston and he goes to a worse team with a worse coach for more money? Thats not what makes great athletes great athletes, money is cool, championships and legacies are what matters most ! You play the damn sport to win, if you dont you are doing it wrong !

  6. As a Celtics fan, I'm not too worried. Kyrie himself might not quite know what he wants to do. It's okay to wait and see for both sides. He's their best player now, but there may be paths to victory besides him. I just hope both sides are transparent, at least behind the scenes, if not in the media. I think the Celtics are stacked and set up for the future, with or without Kyrie. I hope he's healthy next season, I still want to see what he does in the playoffs with the Celtics, I'm sure it'll be something special as long as he's healthy.

  7. Kyrie and the Celtics management can be talking about 1 thing in private while he puts out another thing in public like how the warriors joked with Kevin Durant. The media and the public doesn’t have to be privy on everything at all times

  8. Kyrie is a better fît simply because the plays in a system and everyone is involved
    LeBron is a system
    And everyone is waiting for him to create

  9. Please don't take this as an anti-irving comment because it's not and applies to anyone. It just irks me when someone says that if Kyrie was there, they guarantee Boston would have beaten Cleveland. Could someone please prove that for me.

  10. The list kyrie gave cavs was " knicks , miami , minnesota or 'SPURS' !!"….so, why not try to package him in a trade for kawhi ?!…everyone would be happy! ( the celtics would be a legitimate contender and this is the best case scenario for the spurs in getting a value for trading kawhi)

  11. I agree with Chris because they are not in a rush to win a championship. Celtics players aren't old. They should still be playing the long game and trade Kyrie if he doesn't want to commit.

  12. Chris is REALLY dumb!! = since he embarrassed himself a few years back he's been the GO-TO guy for the corporations when they need a black man to dump on a black athlete = COONTASTIC!! FOH

  13. If you have a slight feeling Kyrie going to leave than you trade him for AD not KL. Try to give Gordan but if they don't take got to give up Brown even though you don't want to. AD proved during this year playoffs and AD's position and his style of play is too important to pass.

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