Chris Broussard reacts to Cavs’ coach Ty Lue criticizing LeBron James ahead of Game 2 | UNDISPUTED

Chris Broussard joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss Tyronn Lue’s comments that LeBron needs to be ‘more aggressive and set the tone early’ in Game 2 against the Indiana Pacers.

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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe,
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Chris Broussard reacts to Cavs’ coach Ty Lue criticizing LeBron James ahead of Game 2 | UNDISPUTED



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  1. LeShannon sounds dumb. Jordan had bums on his team against the Celtics, Jordan was the only All Star for the Bulls. Celtics had 4 All Stars and Pistons Multiple All Stars. Lebron had Kyrie and Kevin Love against Golden State. Facts once MJ got Pippen as his only All Star he went on a 3peat before he retired. When he beat teams that had more All Stars than his team. He came back out of retirement and won 3 more with Pippen and they added Rodman.

  2. Its Crazy to how much Skip criticizes Lebron and twists his words says slick comments and i realized skip has never met or even had face to face conversation with him i wonder How it would be if Lebron was sitting there would skip talk how he usual does ??

  3. Gotta agree with skip again. Yeah he got a TD but he lost so it doesn’t matter. And this isn’t the best LBJ we’ve seen. Offensively you can make that argument but his on-ball defense hasn’t been that good.

  4. anyone can criticize lebron except Lue, who is the worst coach of the NBA. After he becomes the head coach, the cavs becomes one of the worst defensive team. His coaching is clearly lack of detailed adjustment, stick to very small lineup, very predictable set play, etc. If the team is offensively ineffective in the beginning, it should be coach's job to call set plays and adjust, not just call out your star of not being aggressive.

  5. LMAO!!!! 1 player won't beat the Pacers unless he's scoring 100pts by himself! People keep mistaking this years Cavs with last year's Cavs team!
    This 2018 Cavs team is much more diluted!
    PACERS will go up 2-0 over the Cavs. Lebron will be much more aggressive in game 2, he'll finish with 42pts, 13reb, 8 asst in game 2, and still lose 108 – 102 to the Pacers. Sign & Seal!

  6. Not everyone likes playing with lebron. Are you serious leshannon?? Ask kyrie, ask IT. I bet you Kevin love doesn’t even like playing with him but it’s his best chance of winning. Role players and bench players like playing with lebron that’s it.

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