Central Park Five – Raymond Santana (Full Coerced Video Confession)

Watch our full interview with Central Park 5’s Yusef and Raymond here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7NSMtQTQFw

The Central Park Five has become a revived topic of discussion with the miniseries ‘When They See Us’ retelling the story of how the justice system took advantage of five young men of color. The boys were convicted of committing a rape that they didn’t do and were sentenced to prison based primarily on forced “confessions.”

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  1. Crazy how the CURRENT American president helped convict them and didn't even apologise at the time they were let go. Ran a full page as saying "they were not entirely innocent"

  2. Vlads grandpa owned a store Vlads dad was selling heroin from the store Vlad was stocking shelves in the store breakdancing with friends acting black always had a few dollars

  3. So they are doing this part of the questioning at 2:30 AM. This young man looked like he was fighting just to stay awake and focus. Questioning a sleep deprived person (especially one that young) is shady in itself.

  4. Wow this lady's questions are unbearable did he really just ask him if his friend had an erection while he was having sex with her!?!?!… This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard

  5. Not sure but the movie shows this totally different lol not sure about innocent this dude and some of the others beating people and robbing smh is it far fetched to believe they played a part in the rape. 30+ dudes just chillin in the park lol


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