Central Park Five Prosecutor Releases OpEd After Backlash From 'When They See Us'

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  1. Linda Fairstein is full of shit!

    Once they found out that the kids didn't beat and rape that woman, if they REALLY believed they were beating up other people that night then they would have made the charges stick on that "fact" because despite all their efforts they couldn't get them for the rape, so they would have had them go down for something.

    They do that to black people all the time: can't catch them on the major crime, so go after a lesser crime and send them to jail for that.
    A prime example is when they illegally pullover or stop and search black people,then when they questioned why they're being stopped or pulled over –suddenly they're being arrested for "resisting arrest" or some other bogus charge that basically means they asked too many questions and refused to go along with the cop's BS because they know their rights.

  2. What a shame and disgrace this woman refuses to admit to her wrong. Those kids got convicted for a rape they did not commit, not for assaulting anyone so why even bring up other assaults that had absolutely nothing to do with them and then on top of that more woman went on to be rapped one killed by the actual man that raped the jogger after she locked these innocent boys up. WTF is wrong with that woman. She should be sued by those boys for her handling of that case and by those other victims families members because if she’d not been so blinded by her racism and classism that man could have been caught before going on to rap and kill anyone! She should be under the jail.and unless she admit her wrong and apologize to those men today she needs to STFU!!!!!

  3. I would like to see the actual footage of the confession. Wonder why the jury couldn't see the edit and alter of these boys statement s. As jurors your supposed to see through bullshit. How many people of color was on the jury????????

  4. I feel like if this lady was to come out today and admit that shit she did was fucked up it still doesn’t add up to all the shit the 5 boys had to endure at the 14,15,16… this shit irks me every time I hear anything about this situation.

  5. Dear Linda…. my dear baby Linda…. the exonerated 5 admitted to being in the park with friends and doing things they weren’t supposed to. They also tried to tell you, a sex crimes prosecutor that they didn’t commit the sex crime you tried to pin on them. What your doing right now is the same thing toddlers do. “I know he didn’t hit me like I said he did but he did take my animal crackers so he deserves what he got”. I’m not judging you Linda. I know there is a special place in hell for you.

  6. Those assholes aren’t innocent. LOOK INTO IT. Fucking disgusting. So many gaps in evidence and changes in the story. They had more info about the case the court and police did…


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