Celtics Embarrass Cavs in Game 1; Is Marcus Morris the Real LeBron Stopper? | Out of Bounds

On today’s episode of #OutofBounds, Gilbert Arenas, Pierce Simpson, and Adam Caparell discuss the Celtics’ thorough beatdown of LeBron James and the Cavs in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Marcus Morris — and the C’s team defense — limited King James to 15 points on 5-for-16 shooting with seven turnovers. Is Morris the real LeBron stopper? Plus, the rest of the Cavs took and missed some terrible shots, so do the Celtics have the defensive game plan to shut Cleveland down, or was the loss just a poor shooting night and LeBron feeling things out? Also, Gil reacts to LeBron’s remarkable photographic memory and ability to recall games play by play.

In “Fire Fit,” the panel grades LeBron’s Game 1 Thom Browne fit to determine if he managed one win for the day or caught two L’s. See how many fire emojis the crew awards him.

Warriors superstar Steph Curry recently credited Rockets All-Star Chris Paul for mentoring him the summer before he entered the NBA. Looking ahead to tonight’s Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, Gil and the guys discuss what impact CP and Steph’s relationship will play in the series, as well as which guard needs to have a greater impact.

In “Fair or Foul?” the team weighs in on the Raptors “Coach of the Year” recipient Dwane Casey after the Cavs swept his team out of the playoffs for the second consecutive year. Did Toronto do him dirty? And is the future brighter for Dwane Casey or the Raptors? Also, with Metta World Peace saying Drake would be a good coach for the Raps, the crew debates that seemingly absurd statement.

Finally, OOB predicts the future of Philly after head coach Brett Brown said the Sixers “need help to win a championship.” Who would be the best pickup for Philly, in terms of both talent and fit: LeBron, Paul George, or Kawhi Leonard? And will they land any of them? Also, with a big-time signing, would the Sixers become a desirable destination for vets on veteran minimum contracts or mid-level deals? See what Gil has to say about that.

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  1. Jaylen bouncing back from that hamstring the way he did was unexpected and this whole Celtics run is very impressive…I wanted Jaylen in the draft and people talked about how he couldn't shoot…he came out of college as the best athlete, high IQ and defender…Boston is making great move after great move…that is the aspect of the 'The Process' I don't respect when you see Sixers make poor decisions that actually hurt the process and Boston are making moves and building as they grow…Can't hate on it at all…even the back stabbing works out for them…

  2. Now I get it the 'Witness' campaign wasn't about the fans it was about how good LeBron would be as a witness…tell you every detail, plate numbers, outfits, etc…great recall, but even better the way he uses it on the court as series go on against teams that aren't coached well enough to keep changing.

  3. Holy excuse making batman. I get it, only game 1 but stop pretending that Cavs team doesn't have some glaring holes. Korver was torched until he was unplayable as was JR. Celtics didn't get to the line because they shot uncontested layups all night. 60 points in the paint! That Cavs defense is trash!

    The Celtics walled off the paint and LeBron just ain't that good a shooter outside 12 feet, and the rest of the Cavs are too one-dimensional (and old!) playing against a team stuffed with 2-way athletic guys. Did you guys watch the game? None of this felt flukey to me though I certainly expect game 2 to be closer

    Finally, sorry but LeBron reciting 4 plays that happened in a game he was playing in 20 minutes before is not very impressive

  4. Klay is like weapon X…they just open the cage some games and he just hit shot after shot…stoic and accurate…now he is planning to take less money to stay…yeah GSW built their environment up…the ownership felt Mark Jackson made it derisive (not without their help and prompting), but Kerr has allowed it to be even more cohesive and the players seem to legit enjoy it in the Bay…Franchises like the Hornets have charming surroundings that I don't think they use to their advantage as an NBA city…Hornets shouldn't struggle as hard as teams like Utah, Milwaukee, Memphis to get FAs…but GSW front office made it a point to build that (yeah they can be pompous dicks about it patting themselves hard on the back for believing in Curry's ankles to give them a friendly contract and that they didn't believe Draymond Green as much as Harrison Barnes and never for get Festus was drafted before him as well in 2012…but winners write the story…

  5. Lowry said Casey was the best coach he has played for and he allowed him to be the player he is…Demar haven't heard him say anything…but Demar failed his team over and over these years.

  6. Sixers need to level up for Boston next year and who knows what Miami and Cavs will do to level up themselves…Sixers Wings aren't athletic enough and got exposed…Brian Collangello took a major L for making that stupid draft trade last year and it blew up in his face at least 3 times in the same season…if Fultz gets traded or still can't shoot and be the player he was supposed to be next year it will be one of the main factors the Sixer under achieve and get set back once again…

  7. I don't want PG on the Sixers, because I don't trust him as a leader and vet for that locker room he thinks of himself as a #1, but disappears in late games…now if his mentality is to be the star vet and help these young guys blossom then great, but if he is trying to "get back" to a level he has never truly been at 28-29 years old…that's tough…he could be a great weapon with Ben on the Wing…if not and if they lose Reddick I think they should go after Gary Harris or a cheaper KCP type and spend money to get Embiid an athletic front court mate that can play high/low, run, and take the beating off him a bit too…Aaron Gordon, Thad both can play 3/4, defend a bit, run, and improved their Js to be respectable, but think of them playing off Ben and Embiid…

    Kanter would be great off the bench and in practive to help Embiid…Will they bring Noel back for cheap,

    If they can't get a big time wing…Trevor Ariza is there, Wilson Chandler, and I thing Hezonja would thrive with this Sixer team…he is my sleeper wing… just need to touch the ball more and have someone challenge him to defend as he has the fire and athleticism.

  8. That Lebron James shit bullshit Lebron can be beat he's been beat before Casey firing was fair he benched demar in the 4th of game 3 there biggest chance to come back

  9. Difference between MJ and LeBron, the fact LeBron has to "Feel out" teams in Game 1. Fuck that, Jordan was a killer in Game 1. Why are you wasting games when your supporting cast is weak. Guarantee that "Feeling out" shit doesn't work against elite teams like Warriors or Rockets. I'm just not a fan of that mindset.

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