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The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 271 | Case Study feat. Nicki Minaj

The content Kings are joined by Nicki Minaj after an explosive encounter between Joe and Nicki. Nicki starts off by being honest with Joe (6:20). He also asks her thoughts on “gatekeepers” in media (15:33), the Nicki “hate-train” and how social media affects her (27:58). Nicki even addresses artists antics before an album release (34:47), […]

The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 270 | Devastating

Rick Ross’s highly anticipated album, “Port of Miami 2” dropped and the guys give their thoughts on it (18:38). They also discuss Joe Biden’s comments on ‘poor kids’ (60:40), an update on Tyrese’s pettiness (70:50) and women being in their comfort zone (91:11). Sleeper Picks Joe: Xzibit – “The Foundation” Rory: AZ – “Wanna Be […]

The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 269 | Number 3

He’s top 3 and not 1 or 2. Joe gets right to it and address some of the top 50 best rappers lists (7:23). The guys also give their criteria to qualify for the greatest rappers list (55:17), Joe speaks on mental health and Chance the Rapper (82:17), Disney announces new streaming bundle and much […]

The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 268 | Go Listen To Episode…

The guys spark a few debates this episode, starting with which states have the best rappers (14:00) and a Rick Ross vs Game debate (69:55). They also discuss Drake’s “Care Package” release (23:24), Rick Ross’s tracklist and beef with 50 Cent (57:45), A$AP Rocky returns to the U.S. (107:20), Carmelo Anthony’s interview (136:48) and more! […]

The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 267 | Ahoy Mans

On this episode, Joe talks about his experience at Curl Fest (12:15). They also talk Meg Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj (25:05), debate Pusha T vs Lil Wayne (48:10), Christina Milian’s pregnancy affecting The Dream (69:00), Mal vs Lupe Fiasco pt. 2 (82:15), and artist clearing Marvin Gaye samples / Katy Perry (95:15) and much […]

The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 266 | Neck Day

A ton of new music dropped this weekend and the guys start off with recapping Big Sean’s two piece (11:30). They also talk Rick Ross and Drake (38:00), YBN Cordae (49:40), they debate Fabolous vs Jadakiss (63:00), Tyler the Creators freestyle (108:25), Meek Mill’s new record label and MORE! Sleeper Picks Joe: Intro – “Feels […]

The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 265 | Cup Holder

The Kingz get into their bag this episode! They start off by debating who is more willing to forgive, men or women (6:45)? They also discuss unorthodox ways of pleasing your partner (17:38), Future’s security guard incident (26:05), BlueFace’s claims to be the best lyricist (44:30), they revisit “Cup Holding” (70:13), Joe’s take on Equifax […]

The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 264 | Suns Out, Buns Out

The guys begin this episode with discussing the new Instagram algorithms (23:25). They also talk new music from Nas (33:58), Conway and Eminem (59:45), Joe addresses Glasses Malone (71:45), women that eat Kale (100:20), and a new Eddie Murphy stand-up (106:47). Sleeper Picks Joe: Phil Collins – “Against All Odds” Rory: Fat Joe and 50 […]

The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 263 | Sports, Weather, And Harmony

On this episode, Joe defines everyones role on the podcast (8:51). They also send their condolences out (25;24), talks Tracy Morgan (39:46), R. Kelly getting arrested (50:40), Mal’s zodiac sign (88:17), Beyonce’s new album (110:15) and more! Sleeper Picks Joe: Jungle – “Happy Man” Rory: Mac Ayres – “Jumping Off The Moon” Mal: Conradfrmdaaves – […]

The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 262 | Giving Flowers

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