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Reginald Ballard on Death Penalty at SMU: Mama Said Don't Take the Money (Part 3)

Part 2: Part 1: ——- In this clip, Reginald Ballard speaks further on the football scandal that occurred while he was at Southern Methodist University, all the while letting it be known that his mother had always told him never to take money. With that said, he also notes that the payouts that […]

Blac Youngsta on His Younger Brother Getting Murdered (Flashback)

In this VladTV Flashback from 2016, Blac Youngsta spoke on the death of his brother. He noted the incident changed his life. He said his little brother was the only one out of his siblings who didn’t wanna be in the streets, and said when he died, that is the moment he decided to leave […]

Central Park Five – Raymond Santana (Full Coerced Video Confession)

Watch our full interview with Central Park 5’s Yusef and Raymond here – The Central Park Five has become a revived topic of discussion with the miniseries ‘When They See Us’ retelling the story of how the justice system took advantage of five young men of color. The boys were convicted of committing a […]

Reginald Ballard Played at Southern Methodist University During Football Scandal (Part 2)

Part 2: —– In this clip, Reginald Ballard speaks on what it was like to play at Southern Methodist University during their infamous football scandal, which is the only modern day “death penalty” handed down to a division 1 school. As Ballard recalls the circumstances that led to NCAA players getting paid under the […]

Luenell on Smoking Crack Throughout Her 20's, Being Clean for 19 Years (Part 7)

Part 6: Part 1: —— In this clip, Luenell speaks on how she learned how to cook crack during her upbringing in Oakland, noting that she used the hard drug throughout her 20’s yet has now been clean for over 19 years. Furthermore, she recalls finding love through her husband and daughter as […]

Godfrey Makes Fun of Vlad Getting Roughed Up by Police During Arrest (Part 4)

Part 3: Part 1: —– In this clip, Godfrey and Vlad discuss the disparities in treatment for Black men versus their white counterparts. Vlad offered up his experience which reinforced Godfrey’s overall point. They both believe that cops should only be allowed to police the communities they live in which would reduce police […]

Reggie Wright Jr Explains Why Mob James' Brother Bountry Got Killed (Part 9)

Part 8: Part 1: —— In this clip, Reggie Wright Jr. detailed what happened in the lead up to Mob James’s brother Bountry getting shot and killed in his car. Reggie Wright Jr. spoke about how Bountry’s killer thought they were connected to the murder of his assailant’s associate, something Reggie summarily denied. […]

Curtis "Wall Street" Carroll was Illiterate When He Started His Prison Sentence (Part 2)

Part 1: —— Curtis Carroll, who is also known as “Wall Street” or the “Oracle of San Quentin” for being a stock market expert, spoke to VladTV about entering prison as an illiterate person. He explained that his illiteracy led him to act out in prison and be a follower, which Carroll says was […]

Lord Jamar on R Kelly Getting Hit with 11 New Charges: He's Paying for Past Nuts! (Part 14)

Part 13: Part 1: —— Lord Jamar shared his thoughts on R. Kelly recently being charged with an additional 11 sex crimes, and Jamar questioned how the embattled R&B singer got to this point. Lord Jamar went on to speak about sex reigning supreme in R. Kelly’s world and it appearing that he’s […]

Aries Spears on Key & Peele Not Being Chosen by Black Community (Flashback)

In this VladTV flashback from 2016, Aries Spears spoke about Key & Peele not being chosen by the black community. Spears went as far as saying they are “just …