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Freeway Ricky on Suge's Fallout with Harry O, Almost Owning Death Row Himself (Flashback)

In this flashback, Freeway Ricky spoke about being cellmates with Death Row co-founder Michael “Harry O” Harris and attending meetings with Harris and Suge Knight. He explained that he could’ve been in on the start of Death Row, with Harry O offering him a piece of the label. However, Freeway Ricky wasn’t aware of a […]

Boosie Details Telling NBA YoungBoy to Move Away from Louisiana (Flashback)

In this flashback, Boosie addressed his previous VladTV interview where he spoke about people being hypnotized by hatred and how he spoke to NBA YoungBoy about moving away from Louisiana. Boosie explained that now that NBA YoungBoy is grown, he’s going to have to start answering for his own decisions. To hear more, hit the […]

Conway: We Got "Nerd & Stan" Fans who Don't Understand Our Music After Signing to Eminem (Part 12)

Part 13: Part 11: Part 1: ———- Conway spoke to VladTV about Eminem’s fans not immediately being drawn to his music after signing to Shady Records. He explained that there are “a lot of nerd and stans” that are Eminem fans that don’t understand a lot of his lyrics and the lifestyle […]

Karyn Parsons: The "Carlton Dance" was Alfonso Dancing Like a White Girl (Flashback)

In this flashback, Karyn Parsons looked back at the start of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, revealing that she didn’t understand why Will Smith, who was only known as a rapper, was getting a show centered on him. She added that people didn’t realize how charming and personable Will is as a person. Karyn went […]

Goodz: Tay Roc and T-Top were My Biggest Battles Before Cassidy (Part 2)

Part 3: Part 1: ———- In this VladTV clip, Goodz spoke about working with Swizz Beatz for a bit, …

Slim 400: I Left the Hospital in 15 Days After Getting Shot 9 Times & Having 4 Surgeries (Part 6)

Part 7: Part 5: Part 1: ———– Slim 400 spoke about waking up out of being unconscious in the hospital after being shot. Slim said he was happy he was alive, and felt like he had another chance at life. He noted he was angry inside, but said it was a part […]

Calboy: I Know God Protects Me, But I Still Keep My Gun (Part 9)

Part 8: Part 1: ———– Calboy opened up to VladTV about being certified in the streets, and DJ …

Nick Cannon on 2Pac Dying Broke, Murders at Death Row (Flashback)

In this flashback, Nick Cannon reacts to Mob James’ first interview with VladTV where he detailed the various members of Death Row who died as a result of …

Calboy on Lil Jojo's "BDK" Dividing Chicago, Getting Involved with Gangs Himself (Part 8)

Part 9: Part 7: Part 1: —– Calboy opened up to VladTV about our previous interview with Polo G, who said that no one in Chicago looks up to people working a 9-5 job. Calboy agreed, adding that the scammers and dealers get more admiration from younger kids who see that they’re […]

Conway Gets Upset After Vlad Compares His Producer Daringer to Alchemist (Part 10)

Part 11: Part 9: Part 1: ———- Conway opened up to VladTV about naming his label Griselda Records after being shot. He also explained how it bothered him that Benny the Butcher didn’t see him in the hospital, but Conway added that he understood after they talked. To hear more, including people […]