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John Witherspoon on 'Friday' Grossing $300M, Actors Paid $5,000 (Flashback)

John Witherspoon opened up to VladTV about doing Friday and the actors being paid $5,000 each and the movie grossing $300 million. After pointing out that it was one of his most popular movies, John spoke about Chris Tucker not coming back to do the other movies because he was doing big-budget films afterward. John […]

Lil Zay Osama Agrees with Boosie: You Can't Be a Gangster and a Rapper at the Same Time (Part 4)

Part 5: part 3: part 1: —– Lil Zay Osama spoke to Vlad about going back in the streets after getting out jail. He noted that he changed because he actually started to see the response to his music, which is what led him to change his ways, along with having kids […]

John Witherspoon on Making $1M for 'Friday After Next' (Flashback)

In this VladTV flashback from 2018, John Witherspoon spoke on the amount of money he made for his role in ‘Friday After Next’ and also gave his take on the Mo’Nique – Netflix situation. Watch above.

Spice Adams Walks Out of Interview After Hearing's All-Time Top WR List (Part 7)

part 8: part 6: part 1: —- In this clip, Spice Adams recounted playing against Jerry Rice in his first NFL game and how he remembers Rice having a terrible receding hairline and dreadlock combination. Spice Adams also reacted to’s list of the all-time greatest receivers and walked out due to […]

Tiny "Deebo" Lister on His Craziest Experience From 'Friday' (Flashback)

In this VladTV flashback from 2016, Tiny Lister spoke on his craziest experience during the filming of cult classic movie ‘Friday.’ Along with that, Tiny revealed …

Godfrey: If Black People Got $25K Cash in Reparations, it Would Have No Effect (Part 5)

part 4: Part 1: ———- In this clip, Godfrey says that he’d take the education valued at $100K over …

Lil Zay Osama: I Got Busted & Made My Mama Lose Her Post Office Job (Part 1)

Lil Zay Osama opened up to VladTV about growing up on the Southwest side of Chicago and his mother raising six kids by herself. Lil Zay Osama explained that …

Vlad Tells Tray Deee on How He Got Ripped Off Buying His 1st (& Last) Kilo (Part 3)

part 2: part 1: —– DJ Vlad spoke to Tray Deee about getting burned on quick flips, which led to a …

Faizon Love Explains How He Landed the Role of "Big Worm" in Friday (Part 6)

part 5: part 1: —– In this clip, Faizon Love detailed how he landed his role as “Big Worm” in Friday.

Spice Adams on Playing on 49ers with Terrell Owens: He's a Machine Like Terminator (Part 6)

part 5: Part 1: ———- In this clip, Spice Adams recounted being drafted by the San Francisco …