Casey Neistat – H3 Podcast #146

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Thanks to Casey for hanging out with us!

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  1. "The pro-Trumpers are craaaazy" Are you kidding me, Ethan? The pro Trumpers are? Good God. Read any news article at all, even ones that are completely non political, and you have nutbags railing against Trump. Go on Twitter a bit. The Trump Derangement Syndrome is everywhere. It's really unbelievable the amount of mental illness in this country (yes, you have mental issues if you are going off on Trump on an article about something having nothing to do with politics).

  2. Luckily for H3, I’m not here for the politics. At least Casey isn’t a wackaloon that calls conservatives a NotSee though. Rare these days, especially for mainstream YT community. Very glad they made it past that topic eventually……ffs

  3. As much as I like both H3 and Casey it seemed like this whole podcast either wasnt planned right or ethan and casey were just trying to piss each other off with unproductive questions, remarks and basically the cast either stalled or got bitter at times. I hope its just me seeing things and not the true picture here. like the breastfeeding thing, the little boys room, the stucken word, ethan asking about active income, etc. its either edgy or its just "why would you even ask that"

  4. People dropping dead mostly in black market THC products. A problem arises when people bulk buy empty cartridges off of dh gate or alibaba, which have totally different metal manufacturing laws, not only does lead poisoning become problematic, but mystery THC oil can very likely contain toxic pesticides like myclobutanil, which turns into cyanide when burned.

  5. Listening to all of them talk about how much they make on ads, brand deals and merch and why it’s so important that they do these deals and make that money isn’t entirely dissimilar from the evangelist preachers talk about why god wants them to have those private jets.


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