Carmelo Anthony can be a scoring threat for Blazers but not much else — Shannon | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Shannon Sharpe weighs in on news that Carmelo Anthony has returned to the NBA, signing a contract with the Portland Trail Blazers yesterday.

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Carmelo Anthony can be a scoring threat for Blazers but not much else — Shannon | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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  1. Who in this comment section can HONESTLY say LeBum James plays Defense??

    So why is the narrative Melo doesn’t play defense but no one cares about James Harden, Steph Curry and Yall God Le-Lace Front not playing Defense?!?!

    The NBA has become a complete joke and only a handful of players actually play DEFENSE!

  2. Melo always underperformed and was overrated. His best days were in Denver. Unlike LeBron he been declining in his career. Never took the Knicks anywhere. Just worried about taking the most shots and scoring the most. I’m a new Yorker and appreciate his contributions to NY but let’s keep it real we expected way too much from him as if he was LeBron. Ok on another note hope he does well on the blazers.

  3. Why do we keep talking about this clown!!???? Jesus Christ. Gilbert arenas is still a beast….. not a peep. This is another slow day in sports. Melo hasn’t been good or even contributed to a teams success in over 5 years. Yet every time he gets signed everyone says the same thing: “ he’s back”. I bleed rockets red and we said the same thing last year. Dude is a selfish player and doesn’t play defense. The game is way more up tempo now and his game is still isolation/post up. Dude is a cancer and it’s not blackballing when teams don’t want to inhibit their success. It’s not up to teams to change their coaching for an out of his prime scorer. It’s up to melo to be realistic about where he’s at now. At best he’s a knockdown jump shooter at this point.

  4. it would be like a fairytayle if melo really azccepted his role of coming of the bench nd he rains buckets as he's able to do better than a lot of,the players in the nba now nd he wins eventually sixth MOTY

  5. The media told us he was good enough to be part of a "big three" in OKC. Then they told us he would be Olympic Melo in Houston. Now they're all making it seem like this is going to work out? Yeah I'm not betting on it.

  6. I hope this works out for melo I get he’s not the same player he was when he was with Denver and New York but he’s still better than at least 70 percent of the players in the league and he doesn’t deserve to end his career getting cut from teams

  7. Message Alert to Carmelo, apparently your so-called friend didn't think you have the game to help him win another NBA championship and at the same time help you win your first Title. What's up with that? Just curious.

  8. I really like this version of Skip. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! He should do a no hater analysis once a week. No Hate Thursday or something. He seems downright magnanimous! I truly believe this is the REAL Skip Bayless. Bravo Skip! Really do love it.


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