CARL FROCH FINAL TAKE ON JOSHUA VS. PARKER; NOTES PARKER’S CONFIDENCE AND JOSHUA’S LIGHTER WEIGHT was on hand in Cardiff, Wales where undefeated IBF & WBA heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua and undefeated WBO heavyweight champion Joseph Parker weighed in for their highly-anticipated unification showdown. Check out the scene as those in attendance reacted to both fighters tipping the scales and facing off one last time before stepping into the ring.


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  1. AJ looks like he's ready and has outwitted Parker's team in terms of bullshitting them with the weight loss. The man looks as fit as ever and he didn't look nervous at all. THe only time ive seen AJ nervous at a weigh in was when he had to do one with Klitscho to which you could see his stomach muscles and breathing going in and out VERY fast…

    This fight is going to the championship rounds and someone is getting KO'd. 11th round to AJ. If it does go the distance, Parker will lose on pts even if it's a SD.

    Tune in – this is going down as an absolute classic fight.

  2. Yo, why do they always have mates of AJ and matchroom being the pundits.. why can we not just have neutral pundits like they do in the states, who just say it how it is. Get Prince Naseem up on here, Spencer Fearon or ATLEAST bring Max Kellerman over.. jheez.

  3. Lol Takam took Joshua,s last fight on 12 days notice (Takam,s words) the ref stepped on just in time when Joshua had gassed to save Joshua,s bacon
    Joseph Parker will smash Joshua up-allhe's 18 Ko ,s were before he had elbow problems…

  4. He's hit that barrier (late 30's) where you suddenly go grey and wake up an old bastard lol. Was a fucking awesome fighter in his day though. You were almost guaranteed Fireworks in a Froch fight

  5. Parker can't be separated from his trainer for a reason because his trainer had been brain washing him to make him confident or make him look confident. He is going to the fight not paying attention to the reality side. I hope he just finishes safely. Of course AJ will knock him down.

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