Calling Harden a better scorer than MJ is absurd – Will Cain rips Daryl Morey | First Take

Will Cain and Domonique Foxworth reject Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey’s claim that James Harden is a better scorer than Michael Jordan.

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  1. Absolute crap!!!!!! If MJ were playing today he would be a better scorer than Harden. He'd be borderline unstoppable. I mean it might seem like Harden is as good a scorer but that's because defense today is garbage (comparatively to the 80s and 90s when MJ played)

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  3. MJ wouldn't have lit up the modern NBA!!! This is poor analysis at it's finest!!! There are way more athletes in today's game. To be honest, many of those MJ at the rim highlights would never happen today!!! MJ was playing against majority scrubs!! Will said MJ would light up todays NBA!!??? ARe you kidding me!!! He'd have to take like 30 shots per game on average which is plain stupid!!! Dude doesn't even make sense!! Many basic athletes of today's game would be all time greats in Jordan's era!! This "old times" hype is starting to piss me off. I swear they're not using their brains on this topic. By the way, MJ's defensive numbers would go way down because he wouldn't be able to use his off hand to hold the offensive player in place, nor would he be able to hack at the offensive players hands. I'm convinced that anybody can work at ESPN as a analyst!! These dudes are a joke!! Just a bunch of fans given a platform to spew nonsense. This dude really tried to say that MJ could shoot the 3 as good as Harden!!!??? What!!! Will STFU!!!

  4. Lebron James flops and three stages. 1st trimester ahh I missed. 2nd ohhhh G damsel in distress 3rd no one no one gone help me up. He down 6 in the fourth.. ohhh the team is gone loose us

  5. This is one of the silliest comments ever made in basketball history. First, the new rules make it so that if you get close to Harden it's a foul. Second, many of his points come from the free throw line as a result of bogus calls. Third, he gets away with a lot of traveling. Fourth, he's all a team take allows him to dribble 20 seconds each possession. And finally, I can think of at least 5 current NBA players that are better "scorers" than Harden. For example, Kevin Durant is a better "scorer" than Harden. It's just that KD is not putting up 40 to 60 shots a game.

  6. It's not even close let break down the facts Jordan played in a tougher era than harden if harden played in the 80's he would average like 20 points a game. If Jordan in his prime played today era he would average 40 points a game. Even we don't consider that being a fact.
    Jordan 30.1 points per game vs. Harden 24.3 points per game
    Highest point per game In one season
    Jordan 37.1 points per game vs Harden 36.1 points per game
    Scoring titles
    Jordan 10 vs Harden 2
    Championship Title
    Jordan 6 vs Harden 0
    Even in his older days playing with a flu. The combination of Malone and Stockton can't stop Michael Jordan. Even legend players like Magic and Larry Bird say Michael is the greatest player ever.

  7. Again, Here we go Again.(ESPN) BIAS…What makes the better scorer????Will? Harden Did what No One has done since Wilt and that was not the same as it is now…So if you let Harden continue…then YES…he is a better scorer!!! so what the problem????Waiting……Yes…..

  8. We roasted Hollins and now and maybe we should roast this guy on the left….cause he has no business talking about this especially…talking down a James Harden……ESPN puts the dumbest on tv..Lavar Ball, Hollins and now this guy…ESPN ….get your stuff right…too much Bias for these guys to speak anything credible..Hello…This was about SCORING!!!!! not about the moves, or other stuff… guys are getting…..dryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  9. No shit harden isint a better scorer how many times y’all gonna argue this…..harden vs MJ scoring comparison videos only exist cuz y’all just itch for any chance to hate on harden lmao. People in this comment section really think Steve Nash is better ? Y’all are full of shit


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