Calboy on Going on Tour with Kodak Black, Tour Bus Raided by FBI (Part 6)

Part 5:
Part 1:
Calboy opened up to VladTV about being offered $100,000 to do a solo tour and not being satisfied with the venues. However, that changed when he went on tour with Kodak Black and he started getting to perform in places he felt he should be. Calboy went on to speak about Kodak Black’s tour bus being raided by the FBI, who also looked on Calboy’s tour bus, but didn’t find anything. To hear more, including Calboy believing Kodak is a product of his environment, hit the above clip.

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  1. Dam kid you still wearing the same outfit from your video. Step your game up homie. Lol you have one descent song and then hangging with kodak you are dumb

  2. Bum ass Vald's favorite statements:

    "I got a friend who/I know somebody who…"

    "I don't force anyone to say anything. But, anything you say in an interview with me, can and will be held against you…"

    "I got trained armed security to protect me."

    "[insert rapper/singer/gangster/mobster/police officer name here] said…" show a flashback video

    "If anything goes down, I'm snitching!"


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