Buying Drugs at the Drive-Thru (animated)

This manager absolutely loses it when he finds out that his employee was selling drugs from his drive-thru window. Enjoy the video? Share the link with your friends!

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Ownage Pranks is a channel devoted to prank calls. With over nine misfit characters voiced by one comedian, Ownage Pranks brings you a weekly dose of unscripted and improvised pranks that are sure to make you fall out of your seat laughing. What began as a hobby to entertain friends in 2004 has since evolved into the most subscribed prank call channel on YouTube! Join the OP Crew by subscribing and tune in every week to catch our hilarious, wild and outrageous pranks!

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  1. This is the FIRST new, never before heard animated prank call in 2.5 YEARS! If you want me to upload more, a LOT sooner, plz show your support by LIKING the video and sending the link to your homies! These are super super expensive to produce, so your support would be much appreciated.

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