BREAKING: Pusha T Has Some FINAL WORDS For Drake?!?!

It looks like the Pusha T & Drake beef might actually be over with. After going at one another on “Duppy” & “The Story Of Adidon,” it was reported the other day that Drake was advised to not release his response to Pusha’s diss. J Prince says Drake had a career ending song ready for Kanye & Push, but instead is walking away from the slander against his name for now.

Is Pusha T Walking away with a victory or does he have more smoke for drakes camp?



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  1. Wow…. didn’t see that coming and then again I did the throne needs a new king … idk why the industry doesn’t take a look over check out apv 6god freestyle I got more where that came from and I’m up for it LETS GO!!

  2. Yup it was going to be about word play and watch titans in the “game” make a memorial summer I wouldnt advise or even insist Drake respond unless it was in his heart for the love of RAP and his TOP spot WHICH IS GONE drake and his fans DRAKE is no longer a rapper in the terms of a person blessed by God and in his field of talent displaying his gift NO drake is now as corporate as a Pepsi cola or a S Curl HES just a product being sold with different components like carbonated water fructose sugar that make that Coca Cola delicious PUSHA we all look forward to you moving forward in Rap J Prince you still the big dog OG and I respect you as a businessman and entrepreneur but STREET GENERAL no both cards have been taken from perspective individuals based on FORFEITING in the act of battle SO to all drop the top in the spiders you know the 813 things NJ MD DC VA NC we brought the motherfucking title home see y’all Sunday SURGICAL !!!! Pusssshhhhhhh

  3. Don’t even know this shit ain’t about 3 records from business deals to low level PRODCUCERS who are respected girls getting fucked AND THEY MARRIED this ain’t about 3 records LAYER by LAYER this was going to get good y’all I swear if this would of gotten to the point it could of gotten too THIS SUMMER we would of been talking about until the day we die THE LAST of the corporate cheats and machines WAS going to go down THIS is their favorite boy YALL KNOW that little group y’all talk about HMMM? Well they want the baby hahahahaha and you hiding it for a reason BUT you watched and added to other people close to you sacrifices with a smile for them M’s it was funny NOW???its YOUR GO Nigga it ain’t so funny now is it ? SURGICAL PUSSSSSSHHHH

  4. The Feds? Really ? Us ? The Feds ? Ain’t no biggie and pac relation ain’t nothing in play BUT KARMA y’all eyes are playing with your head WHERES THE BEST PLACE to hide something ? In plain sight MY real niggas get to work 3rd eyes WIDE on this one SHIT is not making sense oh my mistake cents but a dollar is not the blessings of a higher power !

  5. Hip Hip News is the best out here PERIOD never watered down I go here 1st to see the truth the rap game is coming back home and its focus is Character( this don’t have to be good) this means you live for it you respect it and I beg you go the extra mile ONLY THING J Prince might of put the sleep was the movement and if you find it YOULL never consider him a general when the call HE GOT to make his call was from ………y’all figure it out SURGICAL puuuussssshhhhhh

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