“I’m happy to inform that we have a fight September 15!!!! #CaneloGGG2,” wrote promoter Oscar De La Hoya, who recently took to social media to announce that a deal has been reached for a highly-anticipated September 15 rematch beween Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin. Check it out!


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  1. Who cares anymore..GGG wont fight nobody ranked top 5 right now unless it canelo…that some spoiled diva shyt…GGG trying to collect all he can..and cash ..hes okay with one belt….and fast

  2. I hate the fact that the cherry picking bum fighter gaylovkin will get another undeserved payday and I would have preferred to see canelo vs Jacobs instead but I'm glad that gaynady will get ko'd this time and retire so that all his stupid fans can finally shut the hell up. It sucks that canelo won't get the ibf strap since gaynady recently got it stripped for being a cherry picker.

  3. it's going to be a boring fight, both guys will be guarding against a KONG so we expect 12 rounds of tip-towing around…
    GGG under rates himself, how can a performance enhancer user be the A-side?

    we all know that De La Hoya influences decisions, and now he uses other boxers as pawns.. poor Jacobs
    GGG against Charlo would have been the fight of the year, i.e. if Fury doesn't fight Miller in Dec18

  4. At last! I saw GGG win once already I really hope he stops Canelo this time or is UTTERLY dominant as it's the only ways he can win! Slightly close and we know the result unfortunately

  5. Camelot all the way baby! They should just make enhancement legal in all sports. As long as they say they will be on it during the fight, fuck it. How fkn cool would it be to see a guy without enhancement beat the guy with enhancement?

  6. All the haters in comments yet not one of them will actually support Lil G String by buying the ppv and then they cry Lil G is being rip off.

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