@breakfastclubam YouTube Shooter Was Fed Up With Being Censored On Her Page

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  1. While I don't agree with her methods, if you mess with how someone makes their money, they will retaliate, lots of people have been complaining about YT censorship, this may only be the first of many, I hope it's the last and other 's don't repeat her actions, due to unfair actions. Views === money , if someone hurts the way you make a living you will be vengeful and want to strike back.

  2. She look like she was sent to the future from the 80's.. why do people reach their breaking points over small stuff and decide to try and take innocent people into their bullshit?

  3. To be honest…..naw im not gonna say it, but YouTube need to quit it with this censoring bullshit tho. Feel feel like the WWE now they tryna turn everything all PG and shit

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