@breakfastclubam Woman Accidentally Shoots Her Friend In The Head On Facebook Live

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  1. yes she should be charged. playing around with guns, and her ratchetness, give her the full 15-20 years. unfortunately i dont think devin will make it. a shot to the brain and lots of blood loss, even if he recovers he will never mentally be the same, the brain looses blood, or not enough blood flow, causes permanent brain damage.

  2. I watched the horrific video and it is clearly evident that they were all being tragically careless in their actions.. They did not know that that gun had a bullet in the chamber because the clip was removed from the weapon before she cocked it. She did not intentionally shoot that man. Wit that being said she should be charged with assault with a deadly weapon and God forbid, if he passes away, voluntary or involuntary manslaughter.

  3. I don't think she did it on purpose . She really just ain't know what she was doing .. I'm not good with guns . She probably thought she was going to shoot a blank , but instead it was a bullet .. Even though it wasn't on purpose , she still should know better and should go to jail. That was some dumb nigga shit .. People need to stop pretending to be hood and hard man ..Niggas from the hood don't even want to be from the hood ..

  4. The lesson here is be careful of the company you keep. If your hanging with people that do stuff like this you need new friends. God Bless the man that was shot.

  5. That wasnt her friend thats why asked her where she was from. He didnt know her. That man in the back i think knew her and brought her around to set the guy up.

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