@breakfastclubam Tekashi69 Is Calling Out All Chicago Rappers

Tekashi69 pulled up in Chicago and called out all of the rappers he’s been beefing with to pull up on him.

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  1. Yall love hating. Niggas got homies. Their niggas are their "security". How hard would any of them be out here by themselves vs a squad? Not hard enough. Shit is nonsense.

  2. Tekashi69 is a one trick pony, when it come to music styles. Seems right, that he continues these pointless beefs, just to try and stay relevant. Great workout music haha

  3. Niggaz acting like he pulled up on O block while it was niggaz out there posted and he was with the shit, just look at that video he looking around and looking nervous, niggaz acting like he came to chicago on some gangsta shit,yall know damn well he had the police with him stop acting like this glossy nigga is gangsta

  4. Last thing the hip hop culture and the city of Chicago needs is for this lame mf to get murdered for no reason other than marketing/trolling, and for Trump to use that as a narrative to say some stupid shit. "See, I told you abt Chicago blah blah blah…."

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