@breakfastclubam Tekashi 6ix9ine Takes Chief Keef’s Baby Mama On Gucci Shopping Spree

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  1. Tekashi 6ix9ine is begging to get shot by those fools in Chicago. I hate to say it because I am not down with the senseless violence but I can't be the only one seeing that this young man seems to be campaigning for a swift end to his life.

  2. Some of you 69 dickriders are delusional. CthaGod ain’t salty about that kid. Why tf would he be? You really think with all the shit Charla had been in (Fredro Star, Beans, Birdman, the dudes from the drop video, etc), he’s bothered by a clown trolling? At the end of the day, 69 really only has any kind of “clout” (as y’all call it) on the internet. Charla getting too many bags to be as bothered as y’all want him to be. Who raised you n-words?

  3. The breakfast club and 69 need donkey of the day for this one, that chick is a porn star and claimed that she had a kid with Chief. Breakfast club you slipping. Almost as bad as TMZ!

  4. Never seen/heard any material whatsoever by this soon-2-be-casualty of the historically 'gang-rich' streets, if he's not careful, [i.e. G. D.'s/Vicelords/Black P-Stones/Latin Kings, what have U] of the Chi………keepin' it totally 100???, I really thought HE was a SHE from all the photos with the long rainbow-colored hair, now I know the truth……I don't follow these fruitcake newbees on the rap scene in any way, shape or form, BUUUUUT, I DO know of peeps where I'm from who've went 2 their graves 4 MUCH more less than this….he best keep that Swat team on the payroll 4 the present, future, & FAR distant future, personal ego's, & entire city-wide pride are on the line here now….not a wise move…just my 2 cents.

  5. Slim danger look like a crack head and he should of took her to the dentist and tekashi is a fool and I hate violence but I wish somebody shut his ass up.

  6. Good! I thought I was the only one to find her stupid ass cringeworthy…. everyone in the comments of that video was worried about 69 trying to be like 50 cent while I was like wtf??? She should be ashamed of doing something like that, it makes her look like a deadbeat hoe

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