@breakfastclubam Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos Says She Hasn’t ‘Intentionally’ Visited Underperforming Schools

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  1. Of course she hasn't intentionally visited the underperforming schools in Michigan because those schools are filled with black and brown children. She went as far to blame the children and the parents for the poor school systems.

  2. Let's be serious could really really expect someone that high up the totem pole to know what's really going??? and wow did her stock really plummeted if she didn't even know what was going on in her own backyard, far as the schools are concerned that's horrible in Trump's words You're Fired!! LOL no I don't think she's not or won't take a major hit far as her career or salary goes nothing's going to change at all.

  3. This is serious, education is really the foundation of the country. Seriously there is statistical data aggregated about failing schools that she should be looking at day to day. We only have 50 states. The least she could do is look at a comparative chart or something of state performance then zoom in on a particular state and go from there. I just did her first hour of work for when she obtained the position. The woman is just unqualified for most basic jobs. I would say my mother would be a perfect fit for this position because she has a Phd in educational administration, but I would never want her to deal with the stress. Trump and his followers are morons.

  4. She's making America great again, this is all the plan.. Breakfast Club wouldn't say that about Hilary Clinton, or Obama- they just hate Trump, stick to talking about other things than politics; racist ass Charlemagne.

    -Trump Supporters

  5. Donkey DeVos is such a representation of our educational system.. so many teachers try hard to inform their higher ups of ways to improve education, than this woman goes on national TV and doesn't have a damn clue what she is talking about. So disappointed in the whole administration of Trump..

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