@breakfastclubam Safaree Robbed At Gun Point Hours Before Angie Martinez Interview

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  1. Nahhh nigga Safaree… Nah… you should have cancelled that interview, go straight to the police. Don't be coming on radio in state and crying and shaking. I can't even deal with this. See see… this is fucked up what I'm saying, that I can't deal with a man crying over the radio. I know it's not fair, but yeah I'm squeamish listening. Seriously I paused at 0:32

  2. Super shitty especially seeing his uncle just died. I hate fake gangstas laughing talking about why was he crying? Ppl love showing out. Someone points a gun in your face, you chillin?

  3. That shit mad lame. Yall steal shit from people that work hard for what they do. Because yall ass too lazy too work hard for anything. Get a damn job. Other black people, stop making excuses for these low lifes.

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