@breakfastclubam Rob Kardashian Taking Blac Chyna To Court Over Custody of Dream After Six Flags Fight

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  1. Charlamagne acts as if he has a personal issue with Rob. He has a right to feel the way he does. The way she conducted herself was very telling. The girl was definitely in the wrong for touching the baby,, but Chyna didn't have to act a damn fool like that, flinging the child scooter,and all types of ish… security was there and that's their job. Also, I agree she shouldn't be having all these fly by night dudes around Dream. That's all

  2. You ought to be ashamed of yourself if you are suppose to be out spending time with your kids at Six Flags and you still bring your kids. Besides aint YBN a little to old to be need a nanny watching over him?

  3. Black chyna is nasty af and so what the lady touch the kid the person she thought was the mother pretty much insisted the gesture the problem is ignorant ass nasty ghetto mentality thats the problem

  4. This is so dumb… You should be happy somebody thinks your kid is cute. She touched the baby on the hand. Most people don't touch other people kids but there are a few that do. She just extra ghetto. If it was me, I would have just wiped the baby hand and asked the nanny not to let anyone touch the baby. The thing is SHE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT WAS HEY BABY. UUUGGHHHH

  5. I saw on the snap story for six flags that her and the other person she was with saw blac chyna and her pushing the toy car with her kids. The other person that this lady was with literally said oh my gosh its blac chyna. She knew who's kid she was touching.

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